Zion Williamson continues to make NBA players look like they use SpongeBob’s weight room


Zion Williiamson keeps making history in his second year.

Zion Williiamson keeps making history in his second year.
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Zion Williamson is continuing to bully a league full of grown men.

The young Pelicans superstar just continues to be a beast in the NBA. After a loss to the Knicks on Sunday, Williamson made more history according to ESPN Stats and Info.

Williamson recorded his 20th career 30-point game in his 76th game, tyingthe great Allen Iverson for 2nd-fastest to reach that mark over the last 40 seasons. The only person to accomplish this feat in fewer games was Michael Jordan in 55 games.

Williamson finished the OT loss with 34 points, nine rebounds, and five assists.

It’s getting hard to come up with words to describe Williamson’s dominance during his short time in the league. Watching him on any given night is like watching a bodybuilder take your seat at the bar. There’s nothing you can do about it cause you don’t want that smoke with a man who looks like he bench presses Cadillacs.

Williamson invokes similar respect in the league at only 20 years old. He has a rare combo of quickness, agility, and power that helps him propel grown men 10 feet when they try to guard him.

Williamson will literally take the ball on the wing, take two dribbles and dip his shoulder a half-inch, and the defender will be sitting in the first row from the impact. What’s crazy is that these are world-class athletes that are getting treated like children on the playground.

Pelicans head coach Stan Van Gundy has been using Williamson all over the floor this season and it’s proven to be effective for the young stud. He even has Williamson running the point guard position.

I’m skeptical about how effective Williamson could be at the point guard position when it comes to playoff time. Teams could easily load up on the former Duke star and make life extremely hard for him, just ask Giannis Antetokounmpo about that.

We’ll see how his game adjusts when that time comes but as for now, we can just enjoy this man treating defenders like bowling pins.


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