WWE – WWE Full Match: 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble Match


And the moment you’ve been waiting for number one. First time and it’s almost appropriate that Sasha Banks kicks off the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble because back in July of 2015, Kevin McMahon from Sasha banks. And Becky went to and it took the women’s evolution for the next step. And Another trailblazer in the women’s evolution, Becky Lynch from SmackDown Live to square off with Sasha Banks abroad to kick off the First-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, and this match is presented by Rocket League available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation four, Xbox One and Steve. Rocket League is always been supportive of the Women’s Revolution. They were the sponsor of the 2017 Young Classic and it’s great to have them back at the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match as well. Obviously, tonight has been very emotional for all these women that have been and will be involved in the women’s evolution. I think it’s gonna be key to anyone of these competitors to keep their emotions in check and not let the magnitude of the moment get to them and Stephanie here. Becky Lynch someone with a long hard road to find. Make it to W she’s traveled all over the world held numerous jobs and was actually thinking about not coming back to W until she had a conversation with Finn Ballard, who actually trained her and she said. I feel like I’m missing out on a huge part of my life and he said you need to go for this and that’s exactly what Becky Lynch did and look where she is now and what a performance by Finn Ballard earlier tonight in the men’s Royal Rumble match at Sasha Banks probably wearing the Wonder Woman gear here tonight as well, Becky and Sasha under. First ever Women’s Royal Rumble match and again the rules over the top rope, both feet hit the floor. You eliminated last woman standing is heading to WrestleMania. Corey early strategy for these two women, I think at this point you wanna eliminate people as fast as possible. Maybe get a little downtime there you go and there you go wait for the backer. Becky Hang on. It’s harder to succeed. the more full of the ring gets again. You gotta imagine the nerves the butterflies for these two women kicking off the rumble arm drag by Becky and another one and now into the arm bar. You even admitted how nervous you were heading into the night. I am I’m I’m incredibly nervous. I’m excited. This is this is history. it’s gonna make. Right haven’t stop smiling all day looking for the bank statement. not quite sure what that would get her, though Cory and Becky well, I’ll tell you the disarm. Both of these women are gonna they’re gonna look for submissions and that’s what their go-to and ultimately they wanna incapacitate their opponents. So even though you may not be able to pick up a submission victory, you can do significant damage to a limb or a body part of your opponent. Who will be entering number three in the Rumble match double close line Both ladies go down. And from SmackDown live in the riot squad here comes Sarah Logan and here’s a young lady Stephanie with a very interesting background. Join SmackDown Live from Nxt with Morgan and Ruby Riot back in November and uh she’s from Kentucky considers herself a backwoods girl and she’s got that country attitude right now, Stomping a Mud hole and Becky Lynch and now Sasha from behind uh we’re gonna take the fight to Sarah Logan. The riot squad really put the women on notice over on Smackdown Live Riot squad burst on the scene on SmackDown and have done anything and everything they want essentially made a lot of enemies in short period of time. Sarah Logan was once a member of the boys wrestling team and set records in high school. She’s used to. History and Sarah says it’s all about WrestleMania. Oh look out. Look at eliminate Becky Lynch Sasha from behind Question Sasha Strategy here. I don’t know why you would save Becky from elimination. We’re Jerry Lawler talk about earlier. Oh my God, a headbutt banks is out right to the face. That was pretty awesome. That point you’re gonna make every woman first now listen to the second rope. so even if she of course you wouldn’t be eliminated here you have to go over the top rope and watch the head Butt again from Sarah Logan. Oh, that was very unique, very impressive from Sarah Logan, who continues to just beat down Becky Lynch and Logan very impressive so far in the early going in this rumble match. I Number four about to come into the arena. And from absolution and Monday night raw. تيجي لهم More about her than anyone should she needs to be on Total Divas as well, That kind of strength is only gonna help Mandy in this movie, and there’s an example of it right there. I’m curious to see Oh Sasha is in trouble. Sasha is in trouble on the top rope. We’ve seen Becky Lynch. We’ve seen Oh oh Becky almost eliminated. We’ve seen absolution run rough shot on Monday. Oh Monday nights. Much like the riot squad has on Tuesday on Smackdown Curious to see how these two factions interact with one another and I’m just curious to. Mandy rose at any point in time doing anything. basically, Mandy Rose graduated. I’m down over there with the PA and speech language pathology from Iona College as Sasha Banks now tries to stave off elimination again. Uh oh. No eliminations yet as we await and treat number five. The WWE Hall of Famer, a four-time women’s champion. الله من It’s so great to see back in the ring had an opportunity to work with her this past summer in the young classics, she was a commentator for that event looks like she hasn’t missed a step now. Mandy rose from behind all these young girls so hungry to make a name for themselves. Gotta imagine a Hall of Famer and there’s a match like this in the big target on her back. Everyone wants to make their name at the expensive leader that you’ve been so close to lead over the years. Yes I have and actually the names that you see the written on a lead is right for are in honor of the women who actually couldn’t be here. tonight. Yeah many greats of course. The great fabulous and young uh others uh like who saw the kickoff show tonight. The great A blaze sensational Sherry Miss Elizabeth Wendy Richter so many so many don’t forget the ninth wonder of the world. China indeed and look at this leader rolls through and catches with the right hand. And now, Logan, oh hanging on to the apron and caught by a right. Curious to see the elimination strategies for some of these ladies going over the top rope of the floor is not something you see very often and rose now on the apron five. Still in this side of the face, the late night leader is a lead out just yet. Andy Rose should be celebrating. By leader That’s what inexperience will get you. indeed, I was really, I was really happy to see until that just happened. This is the entry number six. A young classic the women’s tournament this summer, now part of Nxt Kyrie. ثم He loves boating, hence her persona. She better be careful if she’s gonna climb these ropes. Oh. Oh, God welcome back. Oh there she goes and Kyrie heading up top. Wait a minute. Oh go. Sarah Logan. And Sasha banks get caught wow. That was awesome. What a unique take down. Oh that breaker to Sasha Kyrie saying very impressive early moments, Cory there it is If you haven’t seen this open your eyes. This is breathtaking. This right here will make macho man proud. Kyrie have ever down goes Becky Lynch as we await number seven. Another by Kyrie Peck and here comes Tom from SmackDown Live. Everybody better look out you’re absolutely right. Steph Tom has the power to completely change the game in this match up. Kyrie saying showing no fear, but maybe she should have and with the likes of banks, I don’t wanna mess with any of these women, but especially not to me uh to a business associate of Lana, Of course over Oh and oh, we showed no fear leader Sasha. That’s a dream match push the big banks uh. Oh, And one Becky. The Hall of Famer we got going on. Oh, you’re kidding me no way. Wrestlemania is on the horizon could lead to make even more history lead to the top rope. You gotta be double lead. Oh my goodness. What a performance and Tom as ducked out of the way. Still those matrix like moves. Can you hear this? You still got it. There goes elimination, oh two elimination. Oh look at look at him. No. جول يا From Titus worldwide their status Dana Brooke, who as you saw there has taken gymnastics for 18 years and a graduate from Kent State University is into the match up. Listen. We know that Dana Brooks found some success since joining Titus worldwide. How about making a little history that would be great for Titus worldwide. She is she holds an if pro card she’s placed well in the Arnold Classic over the years and not only. But also while she was competing as AW superstar that shows just the mental and physical that Dana has speaking of physical, what a close line by Dana Brooke and there again. The great athleticism of Dana Brooke, from Kyrie and Kyrie Dreading into the corner as well. Dan is relentless to this point very impressive. Uh Kyrie the boot right in the face. Kyrie is so much fun to watch. Oh, but she’s she’s gone. eliminated. Okay both feet hit the floor. Dana Brooke. Dana Brooke now stomping on banks in the corner, Sarah Logan taking the fight to Becky Lynch and we’re about to have a new effort to the party. This will be number nine. Alright Wilson. Part of the attitude here at points here at W and begin her career for the WCW stall in the women’s division for many years. Now, a web based fitness instructor and blogger. One of the few women to compete in both WCW and faces first goes Dana. And look at to go to in immaculate, physical condition and tremendous condition for to as he takes it to Becky Lynch. Oh Sarah Logan Welcome back to Logan Very impressive guys here in the early going to this match. Oh my God just a dana through the entire map. Logan entered number three Sasha Becky, one and two they’re still in this match as well. I don’t understand banks issue why she keeps stopping people from eliminating other people. It’s a terrible strategy by the boss. Yeah. None of these women have been through Women’s Royal Rumble match before Corey. They watched them. They certainly understand the rules of the strategy like I’m sure banks has a game plan. Yeah, indeed, and much of it is learn as you go develop the game plan as you go along. Banks just wants as much camera time as she could possibly give me a break. Uh oh on the apron to looking to eliminate and she does. الله From absolution, this can only mean Sonia. She says, put your hair up and square up the victory over Sasha Banks and a very dangerous lady. Absolutely mixed martial arts background. Sonia alongside solution has completely changed the game in women’s division in trouble. Sarah Logan Look at here She comes in and Sonia goes right up for Sasha. She knocked off Sasha Banks couple weeks ago on Monday night, Raw rapid-fire strikers right, You’re absolutely right as you can see right now, Sonia put on a display. Sonia trained in judo muay Thai. Wrestling Jiu Jitsu trained at the American Top Team Academy and Deville now looks to eliminate Becky Lynch, Becky Becky Hang on. Wicked Muay Thai knees to the mid section of Logan Here we see our first glimpse of absolution versus the riot squad. And Sonia loving to perform in Philadelphia because her favorite athlete growing up was Alan Iverson of the Philadelphia seventy-sixers The answer. Said she used to dress like come on she’s gonna get to to oh she did by Sonny. Again, Becky Lynch from behind and Becky told me her gear represents the future. Number eleven we’ll be on our way. Morgan, from just across the river and up north in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. This young lady believed was the coolest thing ever when she was watching W and now Morgan performing in the Royal Rumble match. Again, part of the riot squad with Ruby Riot and Sarah Logan curious to see if there’s any sort of alliance in this particular match. with every woman for herself mentality. Morgan could end up doing battle with Logan face first goes the boss again, Becky and Sasha first in the match and they are still in this match up. Stephanie What are your thoughts on the on the faction mentality of the riots? Well, I think right now, it seems to be working for sure if you’re a faction why not work together until it’s time to prove every woman for herself, you know who’s not in a faction. Sasha Banks. You know why cuz nobody likes her cuz she’s the boss. It’s lonely at the top priority to me. I know you wouldn’t. Number twelve. Holly, a Two-time women’s champion, a former hardcore champion and you wanna know how tough this lady is. She was trained by Dean in Finland and now Molly Holly into this match up. She once said her favorite rivalry of all time. Favorite rivalry of all time with she’s Sarah Logan goes as Polly eliminates Sarah Logan. What a performance so far by Sasha Wait a minute wait a minute. We’re not gonna oh come on. Don’t wait. الله Who will be number thirteen? She is the wife of Russo, who is what a great rumble earlier time Lana She’s now working in a manager capacity with cast of Total Divas. She’s a part. Imagine if won the first ever Little Rumble match on day, well, they’re here in Philadelphia and again well, this is interesting absolution in the riot squad working together against Lana. Sonia and Morgan are familiar with one another from their time spent Nxt. A lot of these women have long back stories from the time spent together W Performance center and learning their trade. The first two women in this match up again coming up on 20 minutes so far in this match tonight and they can’t lose that day. all they want. but this is about one thing. It’s about WrestleMania indeed, getting there and taking on the champion of their choice Champions at ringside Bliss in Charlotte. Oh. Lot of fired up, Where did this come from? Number fourteen. Out of the gate. Athletes in the history of the Women’s Division, a Four-time women’s champion and one of the top women’s superstars in the last 15 years. Michelle McCool. And Michelle looks great as well. phenomenal physical condition. Michelle could very well be headed to WrestleMania at this .00. Michelle was a part of one of the most successful women’s teams ever with Layla Cool. They became co champions when they beat Beth Phoenix. oh look at her go. And Michelle McCool put the hurt on everybody. she still loves flawless. And Michelle taking it to Sonia Deville to eliminate and she does. Michelle oh, my goodness look out. Oh Holly Holly from behind takes out Michelle who’s been on a war path since getting in the ring. Now looking to eliminate oh, she does Michelle McCool has eliminated three women so far from behind. Said it’s a day and she’s been eliminated. Michelle The pool is eliminating everybody. Here comes Becky Lynch, Becky Lynch The match up is she gonna get fifteen. We’re halfway through the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. With the leader of the riot squad, I think Ruby riots might pick to win the entire thing and Cory Here’s your mantra. If I was in the business of pleasing people, I wouldn’t be here. Do it yourself? It’s that punk rock mentality that eat those get to the top. However, you have to step on anyone you need to and she refuses to conform to anyone’s image. She’s always been a rebel reason for the makeup. The pierces the tattoos to express your individuality Michelle now looking to eliminate riot and I think Michelle’s height advantage over these other girls is really giving her giving her a great elimination tool. Sasha Banks riot Wyatt hangs on. Alright, we’re halfway through Stephanie in your opinion who’s been most impressive this far Well. I just have to say one thing uh I have always love the Royal Rumble match, but I think I love the women’s Royal Rumble match even better Ruby Ryan hanging on. She’s after the eight Becky trying to eliminate Ruby drop to the floor here. Becky Hang up Ruby staying in it momentarily and back in the ring. Becky Oh, and what about that? she’s on the pool. We’re gonna continue a tremendous amount of elimination here tonight. He’s got he’s got Michelle. Oh is she going Michelle still on the we’re waiting number sixteen. That was close. What Vicki Guerrero one of the most powerful business women in w history? Stop Talking Oh excuse Vicky hasn’t been around in a while, a former roar and SmackDown general manager. Oh, Icky strategy. Maybe to get these girls to throw themselves out, so they don’t have to listen to her. Oh, Oh Guerrero just trying to crawl on her way out of the ring, but she was tough and I want to be in the dancer. I find it hard to believe you beat anybody at dancing to the top rope. scusa For Vicky Vicky’s out, we’re waiting number seventeen thanks for coming. Sa BULO Well, here’s a woman who’s made history the first ever miss money in the bank in that contract, I mean in the briefcase, sorry, a contract you can cash in at anytime for a championship opportunity. What Vicky just flattened Carmela for their own briefcase. Meanwhile, the match continues Becky Lynch and company in the ring. Carmelo has been floored. Guerrero is upset. I guess Vicky had to take aggression out on somebody Sasha and Michelle Becky and Ruby for women in this match up along of course with Carmelo can get into it. Sasha and Becky started this match and they’re still going strong. This is not fair to Carmelo. She was just flattened by a haliburton. Now she’s supposed to compete on the point I was gonna make if she can’t compete if she wins she would then have really two championship opportunities, one of WrestleMania and won the contract. I agree I mean that would be great for Carlo’s career. I mean it’s almost a sure fire guarantee that you’re gonna become women’s champion. But as Becky and Sasha go over 26 minutes in this match, we now await number eighteen. Here she comes Oh she’s the first ever third generation women’s superstar Natalia The Queen of Hearts, a two-time champion, of course her father Jim the night Granddad Stewart is her uncle, The hitman, Bret, the WW Hall of Famer and Natalia No Love Lost for Carmelo, Oh and Carmelo Natalia. There’s anybody who’s ever helped lay this path. It’s Natalia and Natalia just a tremendous career in w, he of course, the star of Total Divas Carmela finally gets into this match. Carmelo It’s part of Total Divas as well, but she can’t be 100%. Oh uh oh. The struggle in there, neither woman able to get the upper hand that I have an interesting rivals. She delivers a kick right to Ruby riot. Burying the shoulder and Becky in the corner. Both still but down and out of this junction. We now Kuwait number nineteen. A former champion Kelly, who debuted as part of the revamp ECW back in 2006 when he was just 19 years old and Kelly is back. And there you saw Charlotte and Alexa Bliss. Oh no0. Come on is celebrating a bit prematurely and does not realize that Oh Kelly’s still in this match, Michelle McCool and now Kelly back to Michelle Rain beginning to fill up get a little more crowded with women superstars. Here goes Michelle And look at Michelle eliminated by Natalia. What a performance, though tonight, very impressive and memorable for Michelle McCool. But Natalia, right now looks determined like a woman on a mission to make history again. All these women are making history tonight. And Ruby trying to hang on number 22 thirds of the way through who’s it gonna be. Bring it to the top. Oh, yeah, the the Globe two time women’s champion from SmackDown Live Naomi. There’s an interesting little note here guys you know back in the original Nxt Naomi’s mentor is in the ring right now. Kelly ridiculous athleticism from Naomi is running through the competition right now. Naomi’s gotta love her entrance spot in this match. Sasha right to the mid section Naomi. Sasha, Of course, from Monday night, Raw Naomi smack down live. Oh what a kick you can hear that Sasha through the bottom rope. Still in it, he’s been in the match over 30 minutes at this juncture. Becky took Naomi down. Becky top goes Naomi again and Kelly Kelly might go out Kelly a lot of trouble right now. Natalia doing her best to uh Oh I don’t understand the strategy. Why would you do this? Becky? And Becky again. Another great suplex and now Ruby riot runs the Becky Lynch and Ruby riot Becky trying to eliminator Ruby trying to eliminate Becky Becky’s still in it, she’s hanging on Ruby Bryant at the fingers of the Irish last year. 31 minutes Becky Lynch Uh-oh lasted in this match number twenty-one on the way. Hall of Famer Miss Jacqueline from the Class of 2016, a Two-time women’s champion First African-American women’s champion. Her second reign ended losing the women’s champion to the woman on our right Cory. That is McMahon that is correct. I did all the dirty work myself. I almost wish Booker was out here because Booker loves to tell stories about how Jackie is the single toughest woman he has ever known in his life and she’s showing it right now, Jacqueline at one point. Was even a referee w wow great counter. Do you realize that Jacqueline once beat Gore over the cruiserweight Championship? That’s how tough Jackie is that this is an incredible athlete running through everybody right now. And now we’re gonna eliminate Kelly Jacqueline and Natalia working together. Kelly is in trouble trying to hang on. Look at Look at Kelly. Just it’s amazing. she’s able to hang on there. the athleticism of all these women absolutely incredible. Ruby Oh, here we go. Kelly’s gotta go out now. Number 22 is coming. The air is just a little force from Monday night Raw. The woman I picked weeks ago to win this thing naya jacks the game is about to change. Naya Jackson, a woman who has done it all she’s a former model she played college basketball. In the back, oh, Jacqueline made that elimination of eliminates Kelly. And now just flattens the Talia good luck Ruby riot, I admire the gusto Ruby. Not the best decision you ever made, but. Wow. Look at this unbelievable power from on the top turn buckle. And the yeah. Naomi now oh. Our strategy by Naomi trying to take out the legs of jacks. Look at Naomi trying to wow. Naomi Hang on he’s on the apron, what is got caught in the face uh Naomi Naomi still in it. Naomi is not in the floor. Naomi is down in the barricade. You know how she gonna get back to the ring from there. Amaya is all alone in the ring. as we now await the entry of number Twenty-three. Naomi is still in the match, but she’s on the barricade. I don’t know anyone’s gonna help her exactly. The women’s champion she’s banged up her left arm was hurt last night by bass in her title defenses and Nxt takeover. but she’s here and she’s participating. I don’t know how she’s able to move after that last night. Oh what a right hand by Amber Amber now. Come on out beautiful. جول That’s mariano’s trying to take selfies or something. Naomi now on the chair with her feet have not touched the floor is been studying film. Oh my goodness. This is incredible. This is this is incredible that is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this. Naomi is literally bugging out of hands and you talk about an athlete That’s incredible her feet seven in the floor. Still, in this fast, that was awesome, that was amazing. Oh Naomi now up top realize it now she does Naomi top rope. Through all that Naomi eliminated, oh my goodness. Jackson is feeling it right now. I don’t see anybody stopping her number twenty-four. Did you say? A counselor I’d like to retract my previous statement, a four-time champion the youngest inductee ever into the WW Hall of Fame. Hey guys. she’s actually competed in a Royal Rumble match before yes she has in the men’s match in 2010 when she eliminated the great. And our partner mixed match challenge Corey This is the singles. We’re gonna see we all. I don’t know if is quite sure what she’s messing with. I don’t think Beth knows how to back down from a fight, even if it is at all, look at her, go Phoenix and This is awesome chance here in Philly. This is incredible. This whole match has been incredible. uh oh a speed of bet Phoenix. No way no way to try to power jacks up and do it. Not quite and with a swipe to the small of the back. It’s more than a swipe to the small of the back. I better be careful not to get too confident that he’s got up with on her shoulders looking to eliminate that Jack and the as I do. I’m not quite. Bye. Bet and Natalia looking to eliminate there’s a second rope doesn’t count he’s still in it. Alright, Best friends See how long that last and Natalia have known each other for so long, so many years been through so much. That’s what I thought was coming every woman for herself. No Natalia Oh look at that. And here comes Carmelo wasting no time trying to get an advantage on Natalia, The Princess of Staten Island stomping on the Queen of Hearts. Guys. Here comes number 25. A hostile game over. The Empress of tomorrow, a former Nxt champion arraignment lasted 510 days when she retired undefeated and now she’s on Monday night, Raw and Oscar into the Royal Rumble backs. Oh my lord Carmela wisely running away out of harms way. Oh, oh my. One of the most fierce strikers in the world today. Oh, no, That was not right. You wanna talk about strong style right. Oh my god. My lord and down goes Carmelo Oscar was the look out. What a rivalry these two had at Nxt, Amber and Oscar with the rivalry of the year in my estimation and Oscar’s laughing and Amber. Confident The Empress of tomorrow is and look at Amber Amber with a kick got caught by Oscar down goes Oscar Amber Moon still in this match that arm and all. Oscar invades Amber could be looking for her eclipse off the ropes. Oh what a clip to Oscar incredible. This is Amber’s chance. Oh, no Amber Amber’s stealing it by one arm, but Oscar wisely going to the bad arm of Amber Moon and eliminates her great showing for the Nxt Women’s champion. But to this point, no one is ready for Oscar. What a what a gutsy performance? Hi Amber, This is number twenty-six now. No doubt that this lady is one of the all-time greats a six-time women’s champion. You know it would mean the world for Mickey James to head to WrestleMania once again the challenge for the women’s championship of her choice. Uh Mickey James takes out Carmela now gonna head up to the top rope high risk in a Royal Rumble match. Mickey Oscar Mickey James, who’s in the first ever Women’s Falls Count anywhere match in W history against Molina and now it’s Natalia. Back in Mickey into the corner. And no doubt Mickey has an advantage being number twenty-six indeed. Ricky Lands on the apron it all come down to the luck of the draw, but Sasha Banks is still in this match. the very first very first one breaker and Natalia Sasha banks. From Monday night, Raw still alive. Uh-oh Natalia precarious position right now. Oscar deliver it right to the oh wait Carmelo is gonna go out is in trouble. Here’s look for number 27. And the longest reigning champion with the Old Divas title a decade in w I’m changing my pick right now is gonna win the entire thing. Total Divas Total Bellas was on dancing stars last year. And now Sasha. Uh oh what a kick from Nikki Bella drops the boss. She hasn’t lost a step. Absolutely not there goes her total Divas. Oh calling out Charlotte right there. Carmelo taking advantage of the situation. Nick was distracted his money in the bank. What oh? Get this would be for Carmelo to eliminate Nikki Bella Look at Carmelo Go. Oh, I don’t know if he’s show boating. And is in trouble taking some sort of step up head scissors now. Carmelo screaming and he does not wanna be eliminated here. He’s got her legs figure forward around Nikki not anymore. Carmelo is gone Oscar just takes out this money in the bank has been deposited on the outside and waiting all night to use that one. Oscar and Sasha throwing down on Nick right now here comes number 28. A former champion as well, the Bella twins are now in the Rumble match. She’s out of retirement. This is awesome. The best chance to the SmackDown General manager Daniel Bryant, of course to a newborn baby and look at threeD. And taking it to Natalia. And Mickey James and now Nikki Bella. Oh, that’s Sasha. Sasha has been in this match guys for 45 minutes. Power right there. Nick and together again jacks. Down to the floor, but again, she did not go over the top rope yet. Bella is working together so very well. Natalia Oh, in trouble Number twenty-nine coming. It’s hub former women’s champion. Bailey, who in 2015 engage in classic battles with Sasha Banks and Nxt, including the Ironman match first ever women’s Iron man. Oh, and look at Bailey. We know Bailey has been a lifetime fan. She’s watched royal rumbles her entire life. She’s one that you concern yourself with the emotion and the magnitude of the moment Can Bailey pull it off and one of the four W horse women with Charlotte, Sasha and Becky, the group oh. He named themselves as Bailey delivers the elbow. Bailey certainly has the oh the entrance spot to go deep into this rumble. only one competitor to come. There’s Oscar, who defeated Bailey to win the Nxt Women’s Championship. Yeah, great there and lights out Bailey get right to the face. I believe that was Nxt Takeover on Wrestlemania weekend a couple of years ago. And now Bailey hang up looking to eliminator here. We are 7 seconds away from the final entry, who’s it gonna be women’s Royal Rumble match. Perhaps the greatest w women’s champion of all time. Championship rings a Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who in 2013, was inducted by Stephanie McMahon. E This is no time to be starstruck. Starry eyed Here are the names of some of the young women who say Trish influence their career. Natalia Kelly, Alexa Bliss Carmela Sasha Bailey, Mandy Rose among others. We’re gonna get a little a little double stratus. Back you. Talk about looking great doesn’t look like Tricia’s missed a beat definitely not Oh Bailey stops the momentum at least for now. Trish is gonna send Bailey for a ride. Wow. You still got it here. They are again who will ever forget this rivalry, Trish and Mickey. One of them be going to Wrestlemania. I just got goosebumps guys. This is one of the all-time great Rivalries Mickey and Trish Stratus, and it continues and Mickey the opportunity of WrestleMania on the line. renew the rivalries across the ring. Mickey James now goes up to the second row. Trish Stratus. They’re gonna send Mickey James for the ride as well, Mickey says not now. Mickey Oh almost that Trish Stratus eliminated Mickey James from the Rumble. Oh my God Chris Stratus has never encountered anyone quite like the irresistible force and how everybody going after naya. Jackson exploding out of the This could very well be night seems to have recovered. Jack just clean house. And there’s Oscar the Empress of tomorrow. It’s oh wait a minute and now the Bella twins can it be no way. I don’t think is going out. I think you’re gonna need more twins on the Trish and Oscar everybody trying to eliminate that objects. Eliminated You see Nicki Bell’s breathe a sigh of relief so there here both are in this match, Sasha Banks and Bailey and look at Sasha. Eliminating her best friend Sasha Banks has been in this match over 51 minutes and she’s still eliminating every woman for herself, but I knew I haven’t seen it all along. Sasha is the first one to stab her best friend in the back Corey. It’s about going to Wrestlemania. I’ve been calling it for years. I bet if anyone understands it would be Bailey and Natalia and Trish Stratus. So we got Sasha Natalia Trish the bells and Oscar. I believe that’s who remains. So what happens if it comes down to the Bella twins and woman for herself right Natalia steps through looking for the sharp shooter. Natalia just wants to incapacitate Trish staring at that WrestleMania sign Natalia Screaming at Trish to trying to punish her than anything else right submission victory obviously wouldn’t happen here, but still a great deal of damage can be done to the Hall of Famers back by Natalia trying to drag herself with a. Bottom rope here for is able to break the sharp shooter. Many of these women superstars just exhausted just trying to hang on Trish Stratus are gonna eliminate Natalia Natalia still in it. Trish Natalia eliminator by Trish. And can you imagine if Trish Stratus returned to w to win the first ever women’s Royal Rumble? I can imagine. For said, you’re the boss, Sasha Banks here it comes Cory oh eliminated. 53 minutes in and Sasha banks is still eliminating people. I did not see that coming. Sasha Sasha Sasha turn around turn around Sasha. الله و يا Sasha look like they were to form some sort of alliance and the boss said. No. you know what they say if you got a back Sasha’s got a knife is that what they say that’s right and now, Sasha banks and the Bella twins going after Oscar biggest threatening ring that could be why strategy or eliminate Oscar now, Sasha and the Bella twins do all the dirty work. Nick and looking to eliminate someone who’s a lot of people’s favorites that Oscar face first off, he followed up by a close line. And running knee by Sasha. That’s so effective. I mean Oscar had to realize she was coming into this match with a big target after laying claim to that, nobody was ready for Oscar. She finds herself on the receiving end of a beat down from all three competitors. I can’t believe Sasha still in it, Sasha and looking good and this match at number at number one. Sasha said she’s ready for Oscar and she may well be if she can eliminate Oscar here. Oh, oh yes. 54 minutes, 43 seconds for Sasha. That’s an unbelievable performance. It really was incredible. Sasha Banks deserves a standing ovation for that performance tonight and now the Bella twins eliminate Oscar. Oh there. She goes you make your wish Cory Oscar’s going over she. Going over the top rope, Oh, I picked Oscar win the entire thing, but I said you wanted to figure out what would happen if the bells were left as the final two many superstars. We may very well find out indeed. Oh look at Oscar. Oh Nick and I don’t think they signed up for this when they return to WI Bet Retirement sounds pretty good debris right now. Yes working against breeding. Oh. What a kick? Oscar with a wicked kick again. Oscar is a historic match. Indeed, Oscar fired up looking to eliminate the Bella twins three hanging on for Dear Life hanging on still hit the floor. Oh Nick from behind. Nick taking on Oscars still in this match as well. This may well take Oscar face first goes Oscar. Bella twins in many ways and oh my lord. Oh my goodness you just eliminated the system. Yes. That’s what it takes. It’s every woman for herself. Oh you’ve seen even if your sisters I’ve seen that happen in the past as Oscar delivers a show in the mid section. We’re down to Oscar Nikki Bella definitely gonna be Nikki Bella or Oscar. It’s about WrestleMania. A championship opportunity oh on the top with a drop kick. Who is it gonna be and Oscar summon the fighting spirit within and eliminate Nicki Bella by throwing her over the top rope. Critical moment for both these superstars here trying to somehow. Get back in it get back to their feet. Oscar caught by Nick Up to the second row, There’s a beautiful kick both women down again. And now Nicki Bella is taking her time. Well, it’s essentially become a singles match at this point. There’s only one task left and that’s to throw your opponent over the top rope, which Nick is about to do Oscar here she goes here she goes with Oscar hanging on to the top rope out to the bring it on Oscar still barely in this match. Hey, Bella again with a strong shot to the face lands on the apron. I don’t know how Oscar’s hanging on, but she sure is at least for now disbelief on the face of Nick. Looking to use momentum Oscar with the kick. Both women teetering on the side of the ring just feet away from defeat. High-stakes High-pressure, Oscar and Nikki Bella both on the apron both over the top rope Oscar Oscar’s gonna WrestleMania. Unbelievable, I knew it. I called it from the start. There was never any doubt. No one was ready. Oscar Oscar is a history maker Oscar is going to wrestle Mania. Now. The question is which championship will Oscar choose the challenge for in New Orleans. What an incredible night, what an incredible match? What an incredible moment? It all broke down at the end that big right hand from Nick, but a desperate kick from. Knees up Just enough Nikki Bella goes down Oscar goes to WrestleMania. I couldn’t be more proud of all of these women who competed in this match tonight and everyone who paid the way. Including yourself, Stephanie Congratulations. Congratulations to us all. You see the respective champions Smackdown joining Oscar in the ring. What’s it gonna be Oscar, which championship would you challenge for I’d love to see either one of those matches? Oh, Who’s it gonna be? Charlotte from Smackdown Alexa Bliss from Raw and Oscar with the choice and the opportunity of a lifetime. What A. Oh my god. Rosy is. Stephanie. What do you know about this? I mean you gotta know something about this. I know what I’m looking at WrestleMania thirty-one you are running with her. هدف الله Oh my. We’re we are sitting here with the boss. We’re sitting here with Stephanie and Stephanie has no idea what rounder Rousey is doing out here, except for the fact that he’s pointed at WrestleMania.


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