WWE Superstars Sent New Rules Regarding Wrestling During Ad Breaks


WWE Superstars have gone more than a year now without a live audience in attendance, and at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were not expected to wrestle during ad-breaks.

Now that the ThunderDome has become part of WWE programming, the stars are still not expected to wrestle as part of the ad-breaks, but now that the WWE Universe is expected to return soon, it appears that there has been an update.

According to a report by RingsideNews, the site has managed to obtain an email from the company which tells WWE stars to prepare for the return of the WWE Universe by wrestling in the ad-breaks as well.

“Effective now, you will need to work through the commercial breaks at TV. It keeps you warmed up, it continues the in-ring story, it is practice before we go live with fans and is a better experience for the virtual audience.”

The WWE Universe is expected to return at WrestleMania next month when 25,000 fans will pack into The Raymond James Stadium on both nights for the biggest show of the year.

It’s thought that this will lead to the WWE Universe being part of WWE’s weekly shows in the future.


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