WWE Superstar Sasha Banks takes No.1 spot in Sports Illustrated’s top 10 wrestlers of 2020


WWE Superstar Sasha Banks has bagged the No.1 spot in Sports Illustrated’s top 10 wrestlers of 2020. The current SmackDown Women’s Champion beat the likes of Jon Moxley, Drew McIntyre, and Tetsuya Naito to top the list.

For the past few years, Sports Illustrated has released their top 10 wrestlers of the year list. In 2019, it was divided into two separate sections for male and female wrestlers with Jon Moxley and Becky Lynch taking home the top spots respectively

For 2020, however, the men and women were put together into one comprehensive top 10 rankings.

Multiple factors were involved in deciding on the list. A combination of the wrestler’s in-ring skills, the impact of their work, and the attention that they attracted were taken into account. Apart from this, match the quality and the overall year in wrestling that each performer was also considered while compiling the list.

Overall, the list is quite WWE-heavy, with half of the spots taken by stars of the company.

While giving the entire list, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso gave an analysis on the best matches of the top 10 wrestlers, as well as mentioning some notable omissions, which include Asuka, Finn Balor, and more.

The entire list is as follows and you can read more about it here.

1.Sasha Banks

2. Jon Moxley

3. Drew McIntyre

4. Tetsuya Naito

5. Kenny Omega

6. Bayley

7. Io Shirai

8. Kota Ibushi

9. Roman Reigns

10. Eddie Kingston

WWE’s Sasha Banks had an incredible 2020

2020 was possibly one of Sasha Banks’ best years in WWE. The current SmackDown Women’s Champion was one of the company’s biggest stars during the pandemic era as she and Bayley (who was at No.5 on the list) dominated the female roster.

The Legit Boss won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships with Bayley and the top female titles on both RAW and SmackDown in 2020.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 08:12 IST


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