WWE Star Brie Bella’s Recent Body Transformation In Pictures


Nikki and Brie Bella are tag team partners since they’d been in their mother’s womb. Back when they debuted in the WWE in 2008, it was hard to distinguish the two twin sisters from one another.

Obviously, one of them didn’t have the surgery performed on her body making us difficult to recognize who’s Nikki and who’s Brie. Both of them looked a bit skinny, back then but things changed, afterward.

Nikki had undergone a breast augmentation surgery in the year 2012 that changed her looks to a big extent. At that point, she and Brie Bella had their first tenure completed in the WWE and thus they got a break from the programming.

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WWE Star Brie Bella’s Recent Body Transformation In Pictures 2

While the elder Bella went for a career rejuvenation with this change in shape so that she could be the lead in Total Divas, her younger sister wanted to stay natural. The difference can clearly be spotted in the given pictures.

Brie Bella’s assets have gone bigger these days

Interestingly, Brie Bella has posted a recent picture on Instagram which pointed out the incredible transformation she must have had in recent times. As seen in the shot, the former WWE Divas Champion was seen in a cleavage-revealing gown which was showcasing the dangerous neckline.

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WWE Star Brie Bella’s Recent Body Transformation In Pictures 3

Her assets her grown way bigger than it used to be. At first glance, you may just think her to be Nikki, instead. But it’s still natural as she didn’t go through any surgical procedure.

It’s just the postpartum effect in Brie Bella’s body as she is trying to get over it. Back in the summer of 2020, she announced having a baby boy just a few hours apart from Nikki who also gave birth to a boy. This is Brie’s (Brianna Danielson) second child with her husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson). The couple also has an almost-four-year-old daughter in Birdie Joe Danielson.

Brie Bella recently mentioned she’s going through some fitness regime to be back in shape while wanting to be back in shape for wrestling,

“If you are anything like me you need a workout buddy to help you stay on track…..thank goodness for @thenikkibella, we don’t only go on fun adventures in wine but also in health,” Brie shared on Instagram. She retired from WWE in 2016 but rumors are running rampant suggesting that she could make a comeback with twin sister for one last run in the company.


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