WWE RAW Superstar Lana Shares Photoshoot From BELLO Mag Feature


WWE RAW Superstar Lana recently shared a video from a photoshoot she did with BELLO Mag on Instagram. The video was from her TikTok set to the song Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake, and Lana also wrote an inspirational caption with the video.

“I am redefining my future & what it means to be a woman in our generation & the future generations to come,” Lana wrote. “I am learning to take pride in everything that I am even the mistakes & flaws. We have been told for centuries to act, talk & be a certain type of way. I’m not looking to be the Queen. I’m going to become the King of Kings.”

Lana’s partnership with BELLO Mag has been promoted on Instagram since January 27. Her last post from her photoshoot with the magazine was on January 28 where she mentioned Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, who took her out following their match at he TLC PPV. She also added an inspirational message to accompany that post as well.

“Check out my new @bellomag magazine cover and article,” Lana said. “I shot for this magazine 7 weeks ago before @niajaxwwe & @qosbaszler viciously took me out and tried to shatter my dreams of becoming Champion. I can’t wait to come back !!! I will achieve my dreams and become champion. Don’t ever let ANYONE stop you from chasing and achieving your dreams. What is one of your dreams ???”

You can view the videos and photos from Lana’s Instagram below:


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