WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Drew McIntyre and Sheamus come to blows, Randy Orton shocked by The Fiend

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With only a few weeks left before December’s TLC pay-per-view event, WWE offered up an episode of Raw on Monday that felt largely unimportant and somewhat aimless. Drew McIntyre’s troubles continued as he was caught by an accidental kick by friend and teammate Sheamus as the duo lost a handicap match to AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison, but McIntyre and Sheamus buried the hatchet by the end of the show after a friendly brawl.

In the night’s other main story, Randy Orton got his wish, facing off with Bray Wyatt in singles competition ahead of his TLC match with Wyatt’s alter ego of The Fiend. Of course, nothing with Wyatt is simple and Orton still had to come face-to-face with The Fiend before the night was over.

CBS Sports was with you all night, bringing you recaps and highlights of all the action. Read on for everything you need to know coming out of this week’s edition of Raw.

AJ Styles gets a win over Drew McIntyre

Styles was a guest on Miz TV. He was asked about his match with McIntyre at TLC, saying he has never faced McIntyre before, but his game plan was simply to wrap a steel chair around the WWE champion and put him through every table he can. Miz and Morrison began doing impressions of McIntyre and Sheamus before Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus said that he was sick of people saying he would betray McIntyre. The WWE champion was out next, backing up his friend before the duo entered the ring. McIntyre said guys in the locker room have been saying Miz has no balls. Sheamus and McIntyre closed the segment by taking out Miz and Morrison while Styles and Omos were on the outside looking on.

AJ Styles, The MIz & John Morrison def. Sheamus & Drew McIntyre via pinfall when Styles hit Sheamus with a Phenomenal Forearm. McIntyre and Sheamus got off to a hot start, dominating the early action before almost colliding with each other on the outside. Instead, they stopped short, caught Morrison diving over the top rope and threw him over the announce table and into a chair. The powerhouse duo continued their dominance for the majority of the match until some underhanded tactics and illegal double teams allowed the heels to build a little momentum. Sheamus made a hot tag to McIntyre and the champion cleaned house until a cheap shot from Styles. Sheamus tagged himself in and cleaned house before accidentally hitting McIntyre with a Brogue Kick when Morrison ducked out of the way, allowing Styles to come off the top rope for the finish. Sheamus and McIntyre came face-to-face backstage after the match, eventually brawling until Pat Buck tried to separate them. Sheamus and McIntyre slammed Buck through a table and then left together to go get a beer.

The Sheamus and McIntyre friendship has been a boost for McIntyre who really needed something to add a new wrinkle to his character. The two seem destined to eventually face off for McIntyre’s title, but it’s possible to get there without having a complete turn or split. They’re two big brawlers who love a fight, and McIntyre should be more than willing to give his friend a shot. Miz feels like less and less of a threat to actually cash in the Money in the Bank contract, but he’s still hanging around and looking for the right opportunity. Nothing here was great or a huge advancement toward TLC, but nothing was bad either. Grade: B

Randy Orton asks for Bray Wyatt, gets The Fiend

Orton cut a show-opening promo in the ring, claiming that unlike ordinary men, he is not afraid to face The Fiend. After the brief promo, Orton said he was going to show up at the Firefly FunHouse, knock on the door and wait for someone to let him in. Before he could leave the ring, the Firefly Fun House theme hit and Wyatt appeared, saying Alexa Bliss wasn’t with him because Orton had been so “naughty” last week. Wyatt then introduced a game called “Let’s Get Randy,” asking the members of the Fun House how Orton should be punished at TLC. After being dissatisfied with the answers from the puppets, Wyatt said not to worry and that “He” always has the right answer. Orton then challenged Wyatt to face him in a match later in the night, as himself, not The Fiend.

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton ended in a no contest. The match immediately spilled outside where Wyatt slammed Orton on the announce table before taking a headset and announcing that the show was going to commercial. After the break, Orton had the upper hand and was handing a beating to Wyatt as Wyatt responded with laughter. The action continued to go back and forth, with Orton growing frustrated that his standard arsenal — and a host of shortcuts — were not getting the job done. Orton used a thumb to the eye after a Sister Abigail attempt and was setting up to hit the RKO when the lights began to go out. He still hit the move, but the lights were all the way out before the referee could count. When the lights returned, The Fiend was under Orton and The Fiend quickly locked in the mandible claw as the show went off the air.

It’s hard to get excited about the revival of a feud that was very bad in 2017 and nothing happening is really anything to get excited about. Orton is evil. The Fiend is evil. Who will be more evil? All that said, the Wyatt/Fiend swap at the end of the show was a really good moment that gave a bit of extra steam to everything that happened between the two through the night. Grade: C

What else happened on WWE Raw?

Asuka def. Shayna Baszler via pinfall with a schoolboy pin. Nia Jax attacked Lana on the outside of the ring repeatedly before Lana was able to turn the tables. This distracted Baszler enough to allow Asuka to score the pin. Later in the evening, Asuka delivered a pep talk to Lana ahead of a singles match against Jax next week.

Dana Brooke & Ricochet def. Slapjack & Retribution via pinfall after Brooke hit Retribution with a modified Michinoku Driver. Retribution was trying to get revenge after losses last week, but was unable to do so in a very short match, setting off Mustafa Ali in a rage following the defeat.

Kofi Kingston def. Shelton Benjamin via pinfall after Trouble in Paradise. Benjamin worked the ankle of Kingston early, putting Kingston on the defensive. Benjamin threw Kingston from the ring, but on the outside, Kingston avoided Benjamin, sending him into the barricade. As Benjamin slid back into the ring, he was hit with Trouble in Paradise for the finish.

Cedric Alexander def. Kofi Kingston via pinfall after a Lumbar Check. Alexander demanded Kingston face him immediately following the match with Benjamin. With Kingston still hurting, Alexander immediately went to work on Kingston’s already-injured leg. After Kingston missed coming off the top, again hurting his leg, Alexander was able to hit his finish for the win.

Bobby Lashley def. Matt Hardy via submission with the Hurt Lock. Hardy was already putting up a good fight when Riddle made his way to ringside to take out MVP and make sure Hardy wasn’t battling against unfair odds. Riddle gave Hardy instruction on how to fight out of submissions and cheered him on. Hardy appeared to be on the verge of victory after a Twist of Fate, but Lashley hit a spear and locked in the Hurt Lock for the win. After Lashley refused to release the hold, Riddle made the save.

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