WWE Positive After Tryout With TikTok Stars

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The pro wrestling world is full of talented names, and the Vörös Twins have some eyes on them from a couple companies. The real-life twins, who gained attention with their various viral videos, have also received tryouts with WWE and ROH.

According to Fightful, the Vörös Twins’ WWE tryout was “really positive.” They were told that they need to continue focusing on their social media game, which they have been doing.

The Vörös Twins’ motto is “quantity over quality.” They had a video with Colt Cabana go viral as well, but they are also still experiencing some issues capitalizing on that attention.

WWE were really positive about their tryout and told them to focus on improving their social media, which they’ve done.

The Twins reside in Canada on the west coast. This limits their ability to get a lot of opportunities. They are focusing on their social media at this time by diversifying content.

We’ll have to see if WWE or ROH gives them a call. The Vörös Twins are charismatic, but their location is causing them some issues getting in-ring experience. That won’t stop them from bulking up their TikTok game where they have 684.2k followers and 20.8 million likes.

Read more at www.ringsidenews.com

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