WWE: Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight reveals THIS incident during fight against Brock Lesnar left him humiliated | Wrestling News


Former WWE star Paul Wight, who is commonly known by the name ‘Big Show’, recalled an embarrassing incident which took place during his fight against Brock Lesnar in South Africa.

On the latest edition of Renée Paquett‪e’s podcast, Oral Sessions, Wight revealed that he pooped in his pants after taking Lesnar’s F5 finishing move during their match against in 2003.

In the discussion, Wight said, “In Cape Town, I had some bad food,” Wight said. “And this is back when I had the leather pants. I hit that mat, and now he’s covering me. He goes, ‘Did you s–?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, “Ha ha ha ha ha, you s—!’

“And then while I’m laying in the ring, after the F5, he keeps stepping on my stomach, like he’s trying to get more to come out. So, he had dumped Paul Heyman in the ring too. That was the finish, and then I would usually get up, come to, pull Paul out and throw Paul over my shoulder, and carry Paul out. That was the end of the night for the heels, we were totally humiliated.

“This night, I was humiliated. So Paulie is laying there, and he goes, ‘You gonna carry me to the back?’ I’m like, ‘No.’ ‘What do you mean, you’re not gonna carry me to the back?’ ‘I s— myself.’ ‘I can’t hear you. What?’ ‘I s— my pants!’ ‘Oh… okay… are you alright?’”

“So, meanwhile, I’m the guy out the back of the arena with a hose, hosing off my pants,” Wight added.

It is worth mentioning that Wight recently shocked the wrestling world when he signed a multiyear contract with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) despite spending 22 years in WWE. He will serve as a color analyst for the upcoming AEW Dark: Elevation show on YouTube, while also wrestling on a part-time basis.


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