WWE news: Nia Jax trends after hilariously yelling ‘my hole’ during RAW match


Nia Jax was trending for all the right reasons after Monday Night RAW. 

The Irresistible Force re-ignited her infamous rivalry with Lana – and tables – on this weeks show. 

As many fans will remember, there was a period of time last year when Jax repeatedly sent her opponent crashing through the announce desk… for nine straight weeks. 

But 2021 has been a bit different and on RAW last night, Lana finally got a bit of revenge. 

She locked up with Nia in a sanctioned Tables Match and despite being tortured for most of the contest, it was Lana who had the last laugh.

Jax made the critical mistake of turning her back on her opponent when she was outside the ring and Lana quickly capitalised by charging at her foe and sending her flying into a table for the win.

While the result was impressive, it was another moment that caught the attention of fans on social media. 

During the match, Jax attempted – and missed – a leg drop. She landed hard on the ring apron and reacted by rolling to the floor and yelling ‘MY HOLE!’ very loudly. 

Check out the hilarious moment below: 

That’s brilliant.

Obviously, the moment quickly spread on social media and was soon trending, with fans and even some WWE greats reacting to it by using #MyHole. 

Hall of Famer Mick Foley tweeted: “‘MY HOLE’ could be the ‘AUSTIN 3:16’ for a new generation! I expect a new Nia Jax #MyHole t-shirt by Thursday!” 

Foley was a big fan of Nia's actions on RAW

WWE fans do love this sort of stuff and if Jax did release a ‘my hole’ t-shirt, there would probably be some demand for it…

It’s also great to see Jax trending for all the right reasons after a match on RAW. Her reputation amongst some fans hasn’t always been great, but if she continues to provide comedy gold, it might just improve.  

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