WWE fans noticed this about Sasha Banks on Mandalorian

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Varnado went into some detail about the moves that she brought to her action sequences. “I came in with a dropkick, I give someone a fireman’s carry, I give someone a back elbow, and I dive in — like only a WWE professional wrestler can do — and I save The Child, Baby Yoda. So, I brought all of that,” she said.

Having a professional wrestler on set would definitely have its advantages when it comes to fight choreography, but Varnado also made sure to point out that it wasn’t always her under the Mandalorian armor. Mentioning that her wrestling schedule had her working and traveling “six days a week,” she made it clear that she didn’t want to risk an injury that would take her out of the ring, and that The Mandalorian‘s production crew deferred to her judgement on what was and wasn’t safe for her to do. “A lot of the (stunts) I did,” she told Screen Rant, “but I got a double as well. Because again, I have to wrestle every single day. I didn’t want to get hurt, and everybody supported me in that set. But if I saw something that I could do and wanted to do, they let me.”

There’s no word yet as to whether or not Varnado will make a repeat appearance before the end of The Mandalorian‘s sophomore season, but with any luck, we’ll see Koska Reeves piledriving heathens in a galaxy far, far away sometime soon.

Read more at www.looper.com

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