WWE boasts reaching 70 million YouTube subscribers

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WWE reaches new YouTube milestone

WWE has reached another social media milestone.

On Wednesday, WWE issued the following announcement regarding reaching 70 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel.

    WWE surpasses 70 Million YouTube subscribers

    WWE’s official YouTube channel surpassed the 70 million subscriber milestone, further solidifying itself as one of the world’s top channels on the site. With more than 70 million total subscribers, WWE ranks as the No. 1 Sports channel on YouTube, ahead of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ESPN and NASCAR.

    To date, only five other channels have crossed this milestone, and WWE’s YouTube channel is also the fifth most-viewed channel in the world with over 52 billion video views!

    The channel combines premiere in-ring action highlights from Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live and monthly pay-per-views, incredible access with exclusive interviews, the latest news from WWE Now and live event coverage with WWE Kickoffs, Watch Alongs and WWE’s new Wednesday morning show WWE’s The Bump.

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