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Williams won’t sacrifice 2022 car to make gains in 2021

The Grove-based outfit is hoping to move up from the bottom of the F1 constructors’ championship table this season, with its main rivals set to be Haas and Alfa Romeo.

But although wanting to do well with its current car, it is well aware of the opportunities that will come from the all-new 2022 rules.

Williams CEO Jost Capito insists that the priority is to make sure that its 2022 challenger is as good as can be, even if that means it cannot give everything it wants to its current car.

“It is a transitional season ‘21 and we are really focusing on the ‘22 car,” said Capito. “We are not going to take compromises on the ’22 car because of the ’21 car.

“There is not so much more we can do on the ’21 car. We will fight through the season, and we will push. We know where the car is and we will of course do further development but what can be done without compromising the ’22 car.”

Jost Capito, CEO, Williams

Photo by: Steven Tee / Motorsport Images

While Williams has found itself battling to just finish in the points over the past few seasons, it believes that the change of regulations for next year do offer a huge opportunity to shake up the competitive picture.

With new owners Dorilton Capital injecting money in to the operation, Capito expects a dramatic transformation in Williams’ fortunes.

And that long term ambition is why he thinks it impossible to judge this year how good a job the team has done.

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“We really need a significant step in ’22 with the new regulation and with a new car,” he explained. “So that is where we are aiming at.

“That means for ’21 we will still fight, and want to make the best out of it. But we are not measuring the success in points or in positions. We try to understand the car more.

“Of course we do some smaller developments when we know something is wrong, or we can improve. Of course, we will do that, but we will not be sacrificing on the ’22 car.”

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