Why Washington Football Team shouldn’t force a quick fix at QB

The goal for the Washington Football Team this off-season is simple, figure out QB.  Executing the goal, well, that will prove to be a monumental task.

In 2020, Washington QB’s had the lowest overall QBR in the NFL.  To say an upgrade is needed would be an understatement.  However, what qualifies as an upgrade?

For decades the Washington Football Team has tried everything.  They’ve moved up in the draft to secure the high profile rookie, they’ve taken chances on later round draftees.  They’ve traded for aging superstars, signed stopgap recycled QBs and they’ve tried undrafted free agents.

So, it’s no surprise the new regime in Washington faces all these possible scenarios again as they approach the future of the QB position, with “future” being the keyword.

For years this organization has been chasing mediocrity.  The short term fix or the “go-big” chances have finished miserably.   After 30 years of failing to win 11 games, desperation has set in.

But who is desperate?  The fans of course.  We run high on emotion and often can’t see beyond the moment.  However, we’ve also supported an organization that managed football operations in desperation mode.

Knee-jerk signings, poor leadership, a lack of communication from within, it’s all led to inept decision making and a failed product.  Decades without a franchise QB have been the end result.

But for the first time since the glory years, Washington fans see a flicker of hope.  A young defense with the potential to be great.  An offense with versatile playmakers. We see a quality coaching staff and experienced decision-makers.  It feels so close, you know, like a QB away from something special.

With being so close,  it’s time to be aggressive for a QB, right?

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