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Which Country Has The Most F1 Championships?


Every racer in F1 represents their nation’s flag in the circuit while racing for a particular team. Further, when a certain driver aces the race and earns the championships, it is under their particular flag. Moreover, when the racer stands on the podium, the particular national anthem plays in the background, to commemorate the racer’s victory for the country.

However, when it comes to a battle between the highest championship record, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are at a tie. The Britton and the German clinch seven World Championship titles. The Brit claimed all one title for McLaren and six titles in the Mercedes F1 team. While the German claimed two titles for the Benetton and five for the Ferrari F1 team.

Formula One, F1- #44 Mercedes racer, Lewis Hamilton, holding his trophy high
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Ranks next under them is the Argentine, Juan Manuel Fangio. Subsequently, he champed it with Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes, and Ferrari. He earned the titles spanning from 1955 to 2002.

Following him, the queue is stretched by the French racer, Alain Prost and Sebastian Vettel, the German. Subsequently, the OBE French racer bagged four championship trophy four times. It was for McLaren three times and once when he was in Williams’ F1 team.

To add a share to it, the German Vettel wore the crown four times too. However, Vettel set out for the conquest for World Championship title in 2010 and grabbed the last one in 2014. Subsequently, he dominated those four years in the Red Bull Racing F1 team.

Amidst various nations participating in this realm of motorsport, the United Kingdom boasts the highest number of World Championship Titles. Subsequently, there are 10 drivers who played a role to lead the country ahead by conquering the first rank 20 times.

The evanescent and the ephemeral F1 titles

While the Britton, Hamilton plays the greatest role to lead his country by bossing the championship title for seven times. There are others who joined in for the rest of the 13 times. Subsequently, Jackie Stewart, who is also globally famous by the nickname Flying Scot, has conquered the ground three times. Further, the OBE British racer, who is originally from Scotland, clinches the records for Matra and Tyrrell.

Following him, the next racers to contend in the race and get the anthem played aloud were Jim Clark and Graham Hill. Subsequently, the two boast the title two times as for their nation. While Clark clinched the title in Lotus, Graham Hill claimed the trophy for Lotus and BRM.

Following the lead, Jenson Button, Mike Hawthorn, Damon Hill, James Hunt, Nigel Mansell, and John Surtees stood at the podium under the flag of the UK.

The next in the scoresheet of World Championships according to the racers nationality is Germany with 12 titles achieved by three racers. The racers namely are Michael Schumacher, who boasts the same number of titles as Hamilton. Following the lead stands Vettel, with four title counts under the German flag. Finally, the last one in the count was under the lead of Nico Rosberg, in 2016, for Mercedes, sharing the same nation’s flag.

MANAMA, BAHRAIN – APRIL 04: Motorsport / Formel 1: GP von Bahrain 2004, Manama; Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) / Ferrari gewinnt den Grand Prix 04.04.04. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

The country that stands third in the list of dominance in the F1 grounds in Brazil. Subsequently, three racers amass eight title victories for the country. Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna sharing the same count amasses three triumphs each. Further, Emerson Fittipaldi joins the lead by earning two victories.

The country following Brazil stands Argentina. Conversely, the one-man army-Juan Manuel Fangio alone wears the crown for the nation’s victory. He dominates the World Championship title five times in his F1 career.

The Countries in the score-ladder

Though the United Kingdom aces the list with 20 victories, however, the racers of other countries are constantly striving to climb the ladder.

Following Brazil, the nations that head next are Finland, Australia, Austria, and France, with four world championship titles. Subsequently, for Finland, three racers hold the record of four titles. Led by Mika Hakkinen with two trophies, Kimi Raikkonen and Keke Rosberg bags, one medal each.

For Australia and Austria, two racers accomplished the count of four records. Subsequently, Jack Brabham with three and Alan Jones with one title completes the count of four titles for Australia. However, the Austrian racer Niki Lauda with three victories and Jochen Rindt with one achieved the title four times. Further, Alain Prost for France single-handedly conquered the world championship title four times.

Alain Prost, Grand Prix of South Africa, Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, March 14, 1993. (Photo by Paul-Henri Cahier/Getty Images)

Mario Andretti and Phil Hill with one title each boast two titles for the US. Following the lead stands Spain, with the same count of two titles claimed by Fernando Alonso, alone.

New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada hold one title each for the nation. Denny Hulme claimed the title for New Zealand. Further, Jody Scheckter achieved it for South Africa. Following that, Jacques Villeneuve possesses one title too for Canada.

The conquest to race under certain nations and further dominate the ground is every racer’s wish. However, there are numerous factors that matter when it comes to boss the realm of F1. Being the finest motorsport, it thrives to be the sport with perfection. Further, the competition in the arena is also neck-to-neck. Further, with the UK being the champ amongst others, the rest of the countries are eyeing to catch up with them.

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