What’s going on with spring practice for Notre Dame Football?

We are officially three weeks into March and officially it’s now Spring. So what about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and their spring practice sessions? I’ve been seeing that question all over lately, and even though I thought it to be common knowledge by now — we are working on the assumption that spring practice will begin on Saturday, March 27.

A month ago, the March 24 date was tossed around — and although there still may be a Notre Dame press conference that day — the 27th appears to be the day.

Speaking of press conferences that involve the media… we don’t really know anything for certain yet because for whatever reason, Notre Dame has not released any of that information. Of course as I sit and write this down on a Sunday evening, Notre Dame could very well send out a press release on Monday morning to lay out its plans.

Speaking of plans… we don’t have any clue about how much Notre Dame is going to allow the media to witness spring practice this year. Keep in mind that pretty much EVERY year is different, but because of COVID-19, I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t allow any practice viewing from the media. Many of us keep saying, “we’ll have to see how player X develops this spring,” except we may NEVER see it at all. The only time we may see the Irish on the field , may come during the Blue-Gold Spring game.

Speaking of the Blue-Gold game… in my opinion, there’s no reason to believe that Notre Dame will allow any type of attendance other than students for the spring game. The media will likely go through the same steps as the season — although I do expect more allowances for outlets with more room in the box without national and visiting writers. The game will be televised by NBCSN, so there will be a lack of pressure by Notre Dame to do anything more than that in person — plus many fans would just rather enjoy the 2 hours from the comforts of home (like many things over the past year).

So if all of this happens the way I think it happens, the Blue-Gold game becomes the most important spring practice date rather than one of the least important dates — as far as figuring out who is developing on the team. We all know what happens at the Blue-Gold game, and that could make for an interesting summer as we discuss the roster and why Joe Wilkins is going to win the Biletnikoff Award.

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