What if Sammis Reyes could play linebacker?

The Washington Football Team signed Chilean-prospect Sammis Reyes on April 13th after his phenomenal performance at the International Pro Day at the University of Florida.

Reyes put on a show to say the least. After recording a 40 inch-vertical and a 4.65u 40-yard dash, he decided to play around on the bench press for 31 reps. Needless to say, this man is an absolute athlete.

It’s easy to say this man is an athlete because of his basketball experience at Tulane University, but also let’s not forget that he has a 6-foot 5 and 3/8 inch, 260-pound frame. With the factoring of the Relative Athletic Score (RAS), Reyes scored a 10, unofficial, which would make him the “most-athletic size-adjusted TE to ever enter the NFL”, according to Thor Nystrom via Twitter.

You want to guess what No. 1 TE prospect Kyle Pitts’ RAS was? 9.64u.

Now, even though Sammis Reyes is a “shoe-in” tight end for the Washington Football Team, what about the possible hypothetical of moving him to linebacker, specifically the weakside linebacker?

According to 247Sports, “the average top linebacker draft pick in recent years is around 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, with a 4.61 40-yard dash… and 35.1 inch vertical jump.”

With Reyes’ numbers, he is way above size for the average top linebacker draft pick, but his 40 time is still close, and he also has a vertical jump five inches higher than the average at the linebacker position.

What I feel like some people forget to realize is that Sammis Reyes has never played the actual game of football ever. He is essentially a blank slate with so much potential due to the athletic nature of this man alone.

There is this trend of college basketball players turning into NFL tight ends, like Antonio Gates of Kent State and Mo Alie-Cox of VCU, but I can’t help to think about Reyes possibly helping out the defense specifically at the weakside linebacker position due to his quickness, his ability to go up and play any sort of ball, his vertical, and, most of all, the benefit of not already being confined to one sole position.

Now I’m not saying that Sammis Reyes absolutely needs to play the weakside linebacker position, even though it would be cool to see if that would work out, but what I am saying is that the potential for Reyes isn’t even the sky. It’s more like the outer confines of the atmosphere. We can’t simply restrict this man to one sole responsibility, because if that doesn’t workout, what would happen next?

The 2021 NFL Draft is almost here! Be sure to stick with us here at Riggo’s Rag for more updates and timely analysis on the Washington Football Team’s choices.

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