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CR Aadithya

Wayanad: “Girls should help their mother in the kitchen,” is an advice Adithya has heard this advice a million times from her mother Bindhu from childhood as she always found time to play cricket. Ignoring all this with a smile, Aadithya continued to play cricket with more passion and finally made it to the national tennis ball cricket team.

CR Aadithya, a native of Vellamunda always surprised even the boys with her magical skills in cricket. She is a plus one student at Vellamunda Government Model High School. She got selected to the national team during a selection camp held at Andhra Pradesh in 2019.

“I took sports more seriously after joining the 8th standard at Vellamunda high school. At first, I was interested in football. Later, I stepped into my favourite sport cricket,” said Aadithya.

Louis Pallikunnu, the physical education teacher at the school trained Aadithya in tennis ball cricket. The continuous coaching and effort took her to the selection camp.

Later, she went to the Krishnagiri stadium for further training in cricket. As the training centre was located far from her house, she discontinued the training due to logistical issues.

Though Aadithya had planned to continue the practice in Mananthavady, the COVID-19 outbreak shattered her plans. Nowadays, her regular practice sessions are held on the courtyard of her house.

In February, Aadithya will represent India in the international tennis ball cricket tournament in Nepal. Aadithya and family are on cloud nine after she was selected to the national team.

Aadithya is the daughter of Vellamunda Palamottam natives Ramesan and Bindhu. The tribal family earns income from agriculture and daily wage work. Aadithya is unable to find opportunities for training and travelling due to financial constrains.

Aadithya wants to get trained in stitch ball cricket apart from tennis ball. So, she is eagerly awaiting opportunities to fulfil her dreams.

After plus two, Aadithya is aspiring to join the sports academy. As a sportsperson, she is expecting support from everyone to achieve her dreams. Her brother Aadhithyan, teachers and friends are also confident about her talent.

Aadithya who loved cricket from childhood, has made her entry to the national cricket team from a poor tribal family in Kerala. Vellamunda natives stated that they are proud of her achievement.

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