WATCH: Young fan makes catch over Diamondbacks’ Kole Calhoun, gets fist bump for it screen-grab

Hopefully you’re ready for a feel-good baseball moment, because I’m here to provide it. The scene setter is that the Arizona Diamondbacks are playing the Braves in Atlanta (OK, so they aren’t actually in Atlanta anymore; that’s beside the point). Braves third baseman Austin Riley — who homered earlier — sent a fly ball down the right-field line. It looked like it would get out of play, but there was a chance for Diamondbacks’ right fielder Kole Calhoun to haul it in. It went just far enough to be past the extended netting. Calhoun got there in time to make the catch, reached into the crowd and … someone else got it first. 

How great is that? That young fan hung in there despite a much larger human being barreling right toward the general vicinity. The adult companion’s face immediately thereafter is one of the best parts of the video. She’s smiling but also looking at Calhoun like, “uh oh, what’s he going to do.” 

Then we see the fist bump and Calhoun smiling ear-to-ear at the effort of the youngster. 

Note that this is absolutely not fan interference. The fan was easily on the crowd side of the barrier and didn’t reach over. In fact, Calhoun was the one reaching into the stands. He’s perfectly legal to do so, but it’s also perfectly legal for a fan to prevent him from making the catch. The fan won this battle and Calhoun properly played his role of being gracious and humble in defeat. Kudos to all involved.

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