WATCH: Joey Logano Shows His Fitness With Intense Workout Routine Ahead of 2021 NASCAR Season


It is fairly well established that Joey Logano is a massive vintage car enthusiast. Recently, he took one of his cars for a spin while on his way to Planet Fitness for a workout session.

Of course, he could not resist showing off a little bit, with a few donuts and burnouts. Logano even called a couple of friends for the session, remembering to maintain social distancing as well.

He did everything in a set of 22, which is the same as his car’s racing number. Logano kicked things off with some arm exercises to warm up and loosen the muscles.

Later on, the Penske driver moved to some back stretches and a couple of other warm-ups. Unfortunately, he failed at trying to touch his feet without crouching. The final warm-up exercise was a light 22-second jog, and they repeated the warm-up again.

Joey Logano showed the real workout

The first order of business was a set of 22 jumping jacks, followed by 22 squats. Next on the agenda was a rest for 22 seconds and 22 push-ups in two sets.

In other words, the first set consisted of 11 push-ups, followed by the second set. Logano also did a mountain climbers exercise, again in a set of 22.

Avondale, Arizona, USA; NASCAR driver Joey Logano (22) leads Brad Keselowski (2) and Denny Hamlin (11) during the NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Joey Logano repeated the process, starting with the jumping jacks, followed by squats. Next up was a set of push-ups and mountain climbers. The 30-year old then decided to get some cardio into the mix with some planks and crunches. He followed it up with some butterfly kicks, starting off small before tackling the big kicks.

After finishing the exercise, he went and repeated the set again. Logano repeated the planks and crunches, along with the kicks before taking a short break.

The driver then stretched out his arms and fingers, before getting into a saddle stretch. Next on the list was stretching his legs, before completing the exercise.

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