Washington Football Team shouldn’t overpay for Derek Carr

The Washington Football Team could have a new trade target available. That would be Derek Carr.

There are a lot of quarterbacks that could be on the move this offseason. We’ve already seen Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff traded for one another (and a boatload of draft picks) and there will be endless speculation about the potential landing spot for Deshaun Watson.

Because the Washington Football Team needs a quarterback, they’re going to be connected to every potential name that might be on the market. That includes Watson and the latest name to join the market, Derek Carr.

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Las Vegas Raiders could consider moving on from Carr. And as Bonsignore writes, Watson could be a target of the Raiders if that happens.

Derek Carr’s outstanding season has made him a sought-after commodity for teams in need of a quarterback and could open the door for the Raiders to pursue Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The Raiders obviously are not tipping their hand about any offseason moves. But several NFL insiders expect the Raiders to field calls from teams inquiring about Carr’s availability.

That said, Bonsignore also seemed to indicate that the Raiders are bullish on Carr and would only move on from him if they were guaranteed to get an upgrade for their team like Watson. That could involve asking for multiple first-round picks in exchange for Carr. That seems like a pipe dream.

Carr, 30 in March, is a solid starting quarterback, and he has thrown for at least 4,000 yards in three consecutive seasons with a 68.9 percent completion rate. He’s accurate, consistent, and he’s fairly durable. But is he worth two first-round picks? No. He’s not a big enough playmaker to warrant that kind of a return.

Even if you consider Carr to be on par with or slightly better than Matthew Stafford, the Lions only got two first-round selections for Stafford because they took on Jared Goff’s albatross contract. Otherwise, they may have taken Washington’s reported offer of a first and third-round pick for him.

What should the Washington Football Team consider paying for Derek Carr?

The price for Carr should be, at the very most, a single first-round selection. Or maybe he could be had for a Day 2 pick and another asset, especially if there isn’t a big-time bidding war for his services.

Any time a starting quarterback is involved in potential trade talks, the compensation has to be significant for a move to be considered. But there’s also a limit to how much a team should give up for a player.

If the Washington Football Team wants to consider targeting Carr, they need to be smart about it. They shouldn’t sell the farm to get him. Start by offering a second-round pick. Add another asset if the Raiders balk at that price. If that doesn’t work but the team really wants Carr, then offer up a first. If that doesn’t do it, then back away. That should be enough to get him.

Carr is a sensible target for Washington as a bridge quarterback option, but only if he comes at the right price. Just because the team needs a quarterback doesn’t mean they should overpay for a merely solid one like Carr.

We’ll see what plays out on the quarterback market this offseason, but this message is a universal one for Washington when evaluating QBs. Don’t overpay and look for a quick fix. Carr, and others, could work out, but only at the right price.

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