Utah State football player arrested for alleged sexual assault

A Utah State University football player was arrested Sunday on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman.

The 22-year-old player entered the bed of a woman while she slept, according to a probable cause statement, wearing only his underwear. The woman woke up, pushed him and told him to leave, at which point he put his clothes back on and left.

Witnesses who spoke with the woman reported that the woman told them the player touched her inappropriately and assaulted her, per the probable cause statement. The police document also stated the player had been seen entering multiple rooms in the university dormitory where the woman lived.

Police said that when they interviewed the player, they could smell alcohol on his breath. The player told police he undressed down to his underwear and got into the woman’s bed and touched her in several areas of her body, over her clothing. He then asked her if she wanted to have sex. All of this was done while the woman was asleep.

The player said that after he asked the woman if she would have sex with him, that’s when she woke up and asked him to leave.

The player was also arrested on suspicion of burglary, intoxication and two counts of criminal trespassing.

A request for comment from Utah State was not immediately returned.

The Salt Lake Tribune generally does not name suspects until they have been charged.

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