Updating the coaching carousel for Louisville football

A Friday report revealed that Louisville football would be losing their second position coach of the offseason.

There has been a fairly good amount of continuity within the Louisville coaching staff throughout the first month of the offseason, but two very important coaches on offense have now departed the program.

The latest came when quarterbacks coach Frank Ponce reportedly departed Louisville for the Appalachian State offensive coordinator gig.

The team fit is not surprising as Ponce had spent six seasons with Satterfield at App State prior to his two year tenure at Louisville with Satterfield.

Two key position coach roles must be filled now after running backs coach Norval McKenzie departed a week and a half ago to take the same job at Vanderbilt.

Who could be in line to be hired for the spots?

As of right now, attempting to project exactly who either coach may be is just too difficult. With no hint as to who could be replacing either of the two coaches, it can be assured that Satterfield is doing his due diligence to find the right people for the job.

A common occurrence in position coach hires is that a coordinator at a small school may become a position coach at a power five school. Other times, a power five or group of five position coach may take a similar/same job at another power five institution if they believe it benefits their coaching career arc.

Those are the two most common occurrences and that is likely where the next hires will come from barring a hire of someone already on staff with the Cardinals.

Could anyone else be leaving?

Unfortunately, it continues. A report surfaced Friday morning that co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford could potentially be in line for a huge new role.

Ledford, according to Bruce Feldman of the Athletic ($$), is reportedly in the final three for the Marshall head coaching position. If Ledford were to land that job, it would be an incredible blow to the Louisville program. Ledford is a likable coach that has been known to be an offensive line whisperer. Most recently, he was a big part in getting Mekhi Becton drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

While things materialize with the hiring process, Louisville will anxiously wait to see the final results. Louisville would be overturning a huge number of offensive coaches if Ledford lands the job. The only position coaches remaining would be tight ends coach Stu Holt and wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer.

The next couple of days could be very telling as to just how much work Satterfield would have to do to put together his 2021 staff. Ledford’s decision will be pivotal.

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