Update on two WWE stars who have disappeared from Monday Night Raw

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Since the WWE Draft, there have been a few names who have not appeared on TV much and others who have yet to appear at all.

Two names that are part of the Raw roster but have yet to be used regularly are Dabba-Kato and Arturo Ruas.

PWInsider reports that they are both still considered to be part of the Raw roster and they have been at the Raw tapings in recent weeks but not used. Basically, the feeling on them is that they need “additional seasoning” before they are introduced as full-fledged Raw Superstars.

For what it’s worth, Ruas appeared on the 11/18 episode of NXT in a losing effort to Kushida. He hasn’t been seen since that episode and there was talk (not confirmed by WWE) that he may have suffered a biceps injury.

Meanwhile, aside from the Lucha Underground “fight” segments, Dabba-Kato has not wrestled in an actual match on TV since the 2/28 NXT house show. Unless they plan to move him back to NXT, it will be difficult to get him some in-ring experience since the company is not running house shows right now.

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