Tom Brady playoff history: Sparkling record with Patriots, Bucs leaves no question in GOAT debate


How do you spell “Brady?” G-O-A-T.

Doesn’t matter the uniform, the GOAT is still the GOAT, apparently, and this year Tom Brady has another opportunity to rattle off four more playoff wins and win another Super Bowl, once again defeating Father Time and sending Bill Belichick facedown into his chowder this winter

This year, though, it’s in a Buccaneers uniform and not a Patriots one, planning to earn two more wins vs. NFC opponents for a trip to Super Bowl 55, his potential 10th Super Bowl appearance. This weekend, Brady and the Bucs take on the Saints for the third time in the 2020 season, with TB12 looking for his first win over the Saints as a member of the Bucs.

In 42 playoff games, Brady has set a multitude of records: most games started (42), most wins (31), most touchdown passes (75), most passing yards (11,388) and so forth. By the way, he also leads with most interceptions, so not even Tom Terrific is perfect.

In any case, Brady has had seasons’ worth of games in the tournament, lending himself to pretty ridiculous stats. Here’s what you need to know about Brady’s stellar playoff career.

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Tom Brady playoff record

Entering Sunday’s divisional matchup vs. the Saints, Brady has an all-time playoff record of 31-11, winning six Super Bowls in nine appearances.

With 31 wins, Brady has an opportunity this weekend to double up on Joe Montana’s playoff win total (16). At six Super Bowl victories, Brady holds more championship wins than any quarterback in league history. Packers QB Bart Starr is in second place with five total championships in his career.

Brady has lost three Super Bowls in his career: twice vs. the Giants, and once vs. the Eagles. The NFC East, who knew?

Opponent Round Result
Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl 51 34-28, W
Baltimore Orioles 2014 AFC Divisional Round 35-31, W
Baltimore Orioles 2012 AFC Championship Game 28-13, L
Baltimore Orioles 2011 AFC Championship Game 23-20, W
Baltimore Orioles 2009 AFC Divisional Round 33-14, L
Carolina Panthers Super Bowl 38 32-29, W
Denver Broncos 2015 AFC Championship Game 20-18, L
Denver Broncos 2013 AFC Divisional Round 26-16, L
Denver Broncos 2011 AFC Divisional Round 45-10, W
Denver Broncos 2005 AFC Divisional Round 27-13, L
Houston Texans 2016 AFC Divisional Round 34-16, W
Houston Texans 2012 AFC Divisional Round 41-28, W
Indianapolis Colts 2014 AFC Championship Game 45-7, W
Indianapolis Colts 2013 AFC Divisional Round 43-22, W
Indianapolis Colts 2006 AFC Championship Game 38-34, L
Indianapolis Colts 2004 AFC Divisional Round 20-3, W
Indianapolis Colts 2003 AFC Championship Game 24-14, W
Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 AFC Championship Game 24-20, W
Jacksonville Jaguars 2007 AFC Divisional Round 31-20, W
Jacksonville Jaguars 2006 Divisional Round 28-3, W
Kansas City Chiefs 2018 AFC Championship Game 37-31, W
Kansas City Chiefs 2015 AFC Divisional Round 27-20, W
Los Angeles Chargers 2018 AFC Divisional Round 41-28, W
Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl 53 13-3 W
New York Giants Super Bowl 46 21-17, L
New York Giants Super Bowl 42 17-14, L
New York Jets 2010 AFC Divisional Round 28-21, L
New York Jets 2006 AFC Wild Card Round 37-16, W
Oakland Raiders 2001 AFC Championship Game 16-13, W
Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 41-33, L
Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 39 24-21, W
Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 AFC Championship Game 36-17, W
Pittsburgh Steelers 2004 AFC Championship Game 41-27, W
Pittsburgh Steelers 2001 AFC Championship Game 24-17, W
San Diego Chargers 2007 AFC Championship Game 21-12, W
San Diego Chargers 2006 AFC Championship Game 24-21, W
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 49 28-24, W
St. Louis Rams Super Bowl 36 20-17, W
Tennessee Titans 2019 AFC Wild Card Round 20-13, L
Tennessee Titans 2017 AFC Divisional Round 35-14, W
Tennessee Titans 2003 AFC Divisional Round 17-14, W
Washington Football Team 2020 NFC Wild Card Round 31-23, W

Tom Brady’s best playoff moments

While Brady has often had performances that opened eyes, No. 12 has also had a big-time flair for the dramatic, as well.

Here are four of the best playoff moments of Brady’s career:

Brady to Gronk, Super Bowl 53

En route to a record-setting sixth Super Bowl victory, Brady connected with long-time tight end 

Brady and the Pats would score the first touchdown of the game after this, eventually winning by a final score of 13-3. Brady would surpass Bart Starr as the quarterback with the most Super Bowl rings in his career.

Tuck Rule game

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial games and moments in semi-recent NFL history, the Patriots-Raiders 2001 AFC Championship game featured the controversial application of a little-known rule that catapulted Brady into his first Super Bowl appearance.

The first Super Bowl win

The Rams entered Super Bowl 36 as 14-point favorites over the then-backup Brady and the Patriots. Little did anyone know, Brady’s first Lombardi Trophy would be the first of five more to come. 

Brady would demonstrate his signature cool, driving down the field with little time left on the clock, giving Adam Vinatieri the opportunity to nail the game-winning kick as time expired. 

28-3 comeback

Was there any doubt?

The greatest game that featured some of the greatest moments of Brady’s career was coming back from 28-3 down to beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. It wasn’t only the greatest moment in Brady’s career, but it spawned many, many 28-3 memes on the internet, which is really what the people want.

Brady went off for over 500 yards passing in the game, leading New England back to a 31-28 overtime win for his fifth championship ring.


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