Tom Brady had perfect tweet for National High Five Day

It’s National ‘High Five’ Day and Tom Brady wants in on all the celebration. On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers superstar posted his homage on Twitter to this oh-so-relevant holiday with a perfect photo that suggests that Brady’s having the best time of his life.

The 2021 Super Bowl MVP posted his infamous ‘high five’ attempt with an official in their NFC Championship game against the New Orleans Saints where Brady was left hanging by line judge Tom Stephan.

Brady mocking himself on social media isn’t anything new, of course.

Whether it’s him being snubbed on a post-TD high five or even doing the walk of shame after having too much tequila after the Bucs’ Super Bowl celebration, Brady has proven that he’s a great sport.

With an incredible NFL career under his belt, it’s difficult to imagine how one would be down. Brady climbed from being the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft all the way to winning seven Super Bowls. He’s had one of the best careers in league history and his accolades do speak for themselves. Brady is a three-time league MVP and a five-time Super Bowl MVP with a ton of other historic feats surrounding him. And, best believe that Brady is far from done.

His lightheartedness and banter off the gridiron only further cement his case as being the NFL’s GOAT. Time and time again, Tom Brady has proven that he’s been a savage on and off the field and it doesn’t actually matter if you agree with him enough to return his ‘high five’.

Keep doing you, Tom Brady. We’re here for it.

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