Tom Brady didn’t disrespect the Lombardi Trophy. Quite the opposite!

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Remember last week when Tom Brady had some fun celebrating his nine millionth Super Bowl title by throwing the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another boat?

It was a funny moment that we all laughed at and even marveled at because we had never seen the Lombardi Trophy get thrown from one boat to another boat while out on the open sea (or river, or harbor, or whatever they were in).

It was all in good fun. Fun is fun. Fun is more than OK. Fun is good.

Well, over the weekend a story came out with a woman named Lorraine Grohs saying that Brady “disrespected” and “disgraced” the trophy by throwing it. Grohs is the daughter of the man who made the trophy and she felt the whole thing was not cool to those who spent a lot of time making the trophy.

Now I’m all for someone sticking up for their dad and sharing their feelings on subjects. That’s cool and also awesome and if I ever have a kid it would make me proud to hear them stick up for me and whatever I was doing with my life.

But with this one I think quite the opposite happened with that trophy. Brady didn’t disrespect the trophy at all. Instead, Brady let that trophy get out there and live life like a Lombardi Trophy had never lived before! Did you see how happy that trophy was as it sailed through the air on a sunny and warm Florida day!?

Also, this trophy didn’t get thrown by just any Super Bowl-winning QB. I mean, this wasn’t Trent Dilfer or Jeff Hostetler or anything like that. This was the GOAT, Tom freaking Brady!

That trophy was living the trophy dream!

Far too often a Lombardi Trophy is forced to be held outside in the freezing cold for hours as the vehicle it’s on slowly makes its way down packed, wintery streets. Have you ever sat outside for hours while someone held you up higher into the cold air as others cheered you on while never asking if you needed a blanket or anything? I haven’t, either, but I have to imagine that at some point that would get really annoying… and really painful.

I also have to imagine those poor trophies would kill to be on a boat with a warm sun baking down on it as one gleeful man/GOAT happily tosses it to a bunch of other gleeful men who were more than excited to catch it.

Brady didn’t do anything wrong with the trophy and doesn’t owe anyone an apology. If anything, the trophy should be thanking him for quite a day. But yeah, that’s probably never going to happen because, well, trophies can’t talk.

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