Tom Brady: Bill Belichick debate fueled by people who want to tear Patriots’ accomplishments apart

The Tom Brady vs. Bill Belichick debate may fuel talk radio airwaves, but the quarterback wants no part of it.

Appearing on Westwood One ahead of Super Bowl LV, Brady was asked if he felt it was important to win a Lombardi Trophy without Belichick. His response was an emphatic one.

“I’ve never once in my life thought about that,” Brady replied. “That’s a very hypothetical situation for me to — I think that’s definitely a conversation that people like to have because in the end, it just can create some entertainment. Coaches don’t play, and players don’t coach. You need great coaches, and you need great players, and that’s the way that sports works. It’s not an individual sport. It’s a team sport.

“The only thing that does is it tries to create division either inside your team that the outside wants to tear apart what you’ve accomplished,” he told Gray. “I don’t think that’s an argument that I’ve ever wanted to be a part of, thought to be a part of. I’ve greatly appreciated what I’ve learned from the coaching mentors that I’ve had — certainly Coach Belichick.

“I couldn’t be who I am without those amazing coaches that I’ve had, and I couldn’t be the player I am without all the other playing mentors I’ve had. In the end, to me, it’s all irrelevant. The greatest joy I have in sports is living up to my potential for my team and being the best that I can for my team, and that’s what motivates me. That’s 100 percent of my motivation.”

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