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EAST PALESTINE — Chris Selby, a newly ordained minister, wants to share blessings through his love of outdoor sports.

“… you’re out there at the perfect time and the scenery is just nice,” Selby said.

Selby, 44, has enjoyed his independent faith and the outdoors by frequently taking advantage of the golf course at the East Palestine Country Club. Selby wants golfers to welcome the spring weather between 9 a.m. and noon by April 17 attending a blessing of golf clubs. Selby will wishing patience, luck and life’s blessings over the golf clubs.

“Just have a good year and keep your spirits up. I know everybody’s having trouble either with jobs and everything else with this pandemic and all you can do is keep on trying,” he said.

Selby wants people to just show up without any formal plans. In order to avoid a crowd during the pandemic and to keep a laid-back environment, Selby is requesting no one call or reach out to the golf course. Just come as you are and have a lucky game.

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