The ‘scar’ on Drew Brees’ face isn’t actually a scar


On the upper part of Drew Brees’ right cheek, he appears to have a scar. That’s not what it is, though.

Brees has had that mark, a birthmark, since he was born. The Saints quarterback dealt with bullies who picked on him growing up over his birthmark, but he’s come to recognize it as a part of him over time. Brees hasn’t been limited by any sort of negative comments, apparently, as he’s played in the NFL since 2001 and holds the league’s all-time passing yardage record.

Through the years, Brees hasn’t spoken a lot about his birthmark, but here’s a look at what he’s said.

What’s the ‘scar’ on Drew Brees’ face?

That’s not a scar on Brees’ face at all, but rather a birthmark. When Brees was growing up, the birthmark brought him ridicule.

“Because of my birthmark, which I was obviously born with, I got all kinds of comments when I was a kid, about ‘Wipe that whatever off your face,’ Brees told CNN in 2012. “… All kinds of names. People would call me ‘Spot.’ I think they were trying to be malicious. They were trying to be hurtful.”

As Brees grew into a college star at Purdue and then a starting NFL quarterback for the Chargers and Saints, he began to see that he could speak out and make a difference based on his past experience.

“Making fun of someone because they’re different from you? That’s not being tough, it’s being ignorant,” Brees said in 2010. “I want my fans to know that if you’re making fun of someone … then you are no friend of mine.”

In recent years, some fans even attended Saints games with stickers or temporary tattoos on their right cheeks as a way of showing their allegiance to Brees. 

When Brees wrote his book, “Coming Back Stronger,” he reflected on the idea of getting his birthmark removed. He said that much like his record-setting right arm is a part of him, so is his birthmark.

“Instead of seeing it as a bad thing, I chose to see it as something that made me unique and special,” Brees wrote. “It set me apart from everyone else. … Now it’s just a part of who I am. I wouldn’t consider cutting off my arm. Neither would I cut off my birthmark.”


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