The next steps for this program

Can Arizona Football return to form of the Desert Swarm Days? Perhaps, but here is what needs to happen for the Wildcats to get there.

It is impossible to compare the Desert Swarm Days to what is happening right now under Jedd Fisch and company. Ever since the firing of Kevin Sumlin, the new regime has taken over and it feels like Arizona Football has improved by leaps and bounds.

While we still wait for the proof in the pudding with on-field success, it appears the program is in the right direction this offseason. However, now is the time to get greedy and take the next step into becoming a legit program in the Pac-12 and perhaps even nationally.

First off, if the Wildcats are to push to the upper echelons of the Pac-12, they need to show that they are competitive against these teams to gain respect instead of seeing the Wildcats as pushovers.

The consistent losses to Washington, Oregon, USC, Utah, etc. can not continue as these teams carry the torch for the Pac-12 when it comes to success in football over the past few years.

Next, the Wildcats need to dominate the in-state battle with ASU in every aspect. The Wildcats need to out recruit them both in-state and elsewhere, and when it comes to game day, Fisch and company need better results against the team up north.

Very similar to the track Sean Miller took during his time in Tucson, Miller left no doubt who was the more dominant school when it came to basketball. He did this by, out recruiting them every year and dominating them come game day. If Fisch can replicate the success, it will go a long way to making Arizona Football relevant again.

By doing the two things above, hopefully, it will turn into more national attention from the media. While Fisch and Arizona Football has done a fantastic job of this so far, it is time to take it to the next level and have more coverage of the Wildcats.

One thing that would go a long way, is consistent appearances in bowl games every year. Yes, it might not be the Rose Bowl we all crave but it is time on national television that Arizona would not receive if they are not playing in the postseason.

Another step and maybe the most difficult is putting players from Arizona in the NFL regularly. Why does most top-level talent come to Arizona Basketball? There is a very high chance they have of either going to the NBA or playing professional basketball elsewhere.

Arizona Football has to stop the long draughts of not having anyone drafted in the NFL. While having players signed after the draft is still fantastic, it does not nearly draw the attention to the program as having a player’s name called on draft day. Just take a look at what Tedy and Gronk are doing for Arizona Football right now via social media.

Tell me that star power does not have a major impact on the success of a program? Being able to boast a resume that shows Arizona Football can get a college football player to the NFL would be a major boost to the program.

Hats off to Fisch and what he has accomplished so far but it is time to get greedy and see how far we can take this program. Adia Barnes is living proof that no matter what the national perspective is on the program, they can not put a limit on the teams’ success. As always Wildcat fans, Bear Down and Go Cats!

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