Tennis world stunned by ‘extraordinary’ fail

Benoit Paire (pictured right) served four double faults to hand Fabio Fognini a gift during the ATP Cup clash. (Images: Tennis TV/Getty Images)

Commentators and fans were left bewildered after Italian Fabio Fognini won a game without hitting a ball when enigmatic Frenchman Benoit Paire served four double faults.

Fans were expecting a rollercoaster of a match when the fiery World No.17 Fognini was up against the unpredictable World No.28 Paire during the ATP Cup.

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And Paire certainly lived up to his reputation after Fognini won his second game of the match without hitting a ball.

Paire was serving at 1-1 when he served a double fault.

The Frenchman was clearly irked as he was struggling to see the ball toss with the sun on court.

But his next six serves were lacklustre – some serves missing by some distance – and Fognini won the game without hitting a ball.

Even Fognini appeared perplexed after throwing his hands up and looking at the umpire.

Paire stuns commentators after double faults

The commentators were rightfully taken aback.

“He is going to need to deal with that (the sun) and adjust his ball toss,” the commentator said.

“Goodness me.”

But after a few double faults the commentators were stunned.

“Well that is extraordinary, I am not sure I have seen that ever at this level.

“A bunch of double faults, Fognini is gifted the break.”

Fans on social media were also stunned with some labelling the faults “pathetic”.

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