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Tennis is just a temporary thing

Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov, 29, is still feeling mentally and physically fine but he is well aware that his career won’t last forever so he is looking at some other things. Dimitrov, who turned professional in 2008, has been one of the most successfull players on the Tour over the last decade.

In the latest edition of Players’ Voice, Dimitrov said: “Physically I’m feeling good, mentally I don’t feel 30, which is a good thing, but I still feel like I’m maturing a lot in my head. So who knows what’s going to happen? Only time will tell.

I would love to keep on playing for as long as my body allows me to compete at the highest level. However, tennis is just a temporary thing, it’s not going to be forever. We’re athletes and every athlete has an expiration date, that’s just how it is.

Right now we’re just living our dream but after that, the real life begins. “So aside from tennis, having family in the future is hopefully on the cards as well as working on other things that I’ve always wanted to do.

Then one day, when it’s time to say goodbye to one thing, I’ll be ready for the other one with open arms and excited for the next chapter in my life..’ ‘

Dimitrov sets up his own foundation

“I recently set up my own foundation which I hope will play a big part in that,” Dimitrov added.

”It’s something that has always been at the back of my mind, I just wanted to wait to find the right time. When I was a kid growing up in Bulgaria, my mum used to pick me up from school and we would pass kids who basically had no chance of help around.

I remember asking her if anyone was going to help them and she was very honest with me and said, “I’m not going to lie to you, son, they’re in a very difficult position but if you want to do something one day, why don’t you keep on playing tennis?”

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