Talented Football From Pioneer’s Blue & White Scrimmage


Glenville, W.Va. –  Pioneer Football’s Blue & White scrimmage would end in a 34-6 final as both sides of the ball had excellent plays displaying a bright spring for the Pioneers.

How It Happened

1st Quarter:

First carry of the contest, Xzavion Huff would drive the ball down the pitch for 66 yards as Bernard Dankyi would continue the play with a touchdown. Cameron Powell’s extra point was good as the White team took the early lead 7-0.

2nd Quarter

White team would extend their lead as Timothy Heltzel threw a 19-yard touchdown, back to Dankyi, as Cameron Powell’s extra point put the White team 14-0 with 4:50 minutes left in the half.
Will Adkins would put the Blue Squad on the board with pick six taking it 75 yards, trailing 14-6.

Then right before the half Javon Butler would haul in a 63-yard TD pass from Hetzel, making it 20-6.

3rd & 4th Quarter

To start the third quarter, the Pioneer defense would come away with another interception as Terry Noel picked off Will Adkins.

Then at the 13:30 minute mark Butler would haul in another touchdown catch, his second of the game and this one from 60 yards out, as Corbin Pierson hit him in stride making it 27-6.

At the 4:15 marker in the third, Bernard Dankyi would then extend their lead with a nine-yard touchdown to 34-6 at the 4:15.

Ky’ree Kirkman from the Blue Squad started the fourth with a quick interception at the four-yard line returning nine yards.

Inside the Box (Unofficial)

Xzavion Huff totaled five carries for 68 yards to go with three catches, for 47 yards.

Bernard Dankyi had nine carries for 42 yards in a touchdown run, along with a 19-yard touchdown catch.

Javon Butler accumulated four catches for 131 yards.

Corbin Pierson went 9 for 18 for 91 yards.

Timothy Heltzel threw 19 for 21 totaling 141 yards.

Ky’ree Kirkman tallied six tackles with an interception along with Angelo Pacheco totaling five tackles.

Chris Daniels and Jordan Heartman racked four and seven tackles, respectively.



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