Sydney Test Racism | No room for racial abuse, cricket is a sport for all: Nathan Lyon slams ‘disgusting’ comments on Mohd. Siraj

No room for racial abuse, cricket is a sport for all: Lyon&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspAP

Key Highlights

  • Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah were allegedly subjected to racial slurs in the Sydney Test
  • The action on Day 4 had come to a halt for 10 minutes after Siraj reported the incident
  • Nathan Lyon, speaking to reporters, has slammed such abuse as ‘disgusting’

The Sydney Test between India and Australia went down in history for its fabulous 5th day action but during the course of the five days, it did make news for many wrong reasons too. Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj had alleged being targeted by racial slurs which he decided to report to the officials immediately. Reactions from all corners of the cricketing universe have since poured in and now, Australia spinner Nathan Lyon has termed the entire episode ‘disgusting’.

On Day 4 of the Sydney Test, the play had to be suspended for 10 minutes after Siraj reported the incident to the on-field umpires. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Lyon hit out at such racist incidents.

“There’s no room for any racial (sledges) or any abuse in any type,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “People think they are being funny, but it can effect people in different ways. For me, cricket is the sport for all and there is no room for it at all.”

Lyon admitted that he himself has been subjected to abuse on the field all over the globe. While some block out such abuse, others report it. As for Siraj, who decided to take up the matter immediately, the security personnel removed the fans said fans from the stadium right then.

“I think it’s quite disgusting to be honest. Yes, I’ve been on the other end of it copping abuse, whether that’s England, New Zealand, South Africa or wherever it may be. But there’s no room for it. As a player you’ve got to try your best to block it out.

“But if the time is right to call in match officials (you do it). We’ve got a lot of security around the ground these days and if there are anyone doing it then they can be removed, as there’s absolutely no place for it.”

The Aussie off-spinner further stressed that there remains no place for such abuse in the sport. For people coming to the stadium, the only objective should be to enjoy the game and nothing else.

“It well may do (set a precedence to report issues to officials),” he said. “It will be up to that player and how they have been effected. I just really hope in a whole world society we can get over it and people can come to watch us play cricket, with players not going to work and not be worried about being abused.

“Cricket is a sport for all and it comes down to players and how they’ve been affected.”

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