Spring football renews childhood dream for Logan’s Dareales Phillips

We are one week away from the spring football season for those schools who opted out in the fall.

Most teams this spring have five games on the schedule and no titles to play for, but for one Logan Ranger, the next five weeks are a chance to secure a childhood dream.

Dareales Phillips is a hard worker on the football field and the classroom. So much so that he’s been a high school graduate since January. But with Logan’s football schedule up in the air for months, the running back and inside linebacker thought his football days were over.

“I loaded up on credits and we didn’t really know what was going to happen with the season for a while, so I was working two jobs–7 to 2 at Pizza Ranch and 3 to 10 at Wal-Mart–and I told Coach [Casey Knoble], if we have a season, Dad said I could play,” Phillips said.

But it wasn’t that simple when Logan eventually got its five-game spring schedule. The WIAA initially said Phillips couldn’t play.

“At first, [the WIAA] was like well he’s already graduated, but Coach was like, well he would’ve been eligible if we would’ve had our season when we were supposed to, so that’s what they figured out and said yeah [I] can play,” Phillips explained. “Coach had called me up while I was at work and told me I now got to play. So I instantly dropped one of my jobs, got my schedule changed around, and now I’m out here.”

It’s a chance for Phillips to renew his dream of playing college football, and he’s jumping at that chance.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “I can’t believe it. Even if we got to play just one game, I was going to come back no matter what.”

Phillips hopes to secure a D-II football offer like his older brother Greg, a Central grad who plays at Mankato.

Logan’s first matchup this spring is next Friday at home against Holmen.

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