Sonya Deville Speaks On Mandy Rose’s Current Position On WWE Raw


Exactly, one year ago, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville had stolen the spotlight over a personal feud. Starting from the WrestleMania season, they had a rivalry all the way up to SummerSlam 2021. It ended with Rose winning the biggest match of her WWE career against Deville which was a Loser Leaves WWE match to keep the loser off the TV, for sometimes.

Since then, Mandy Rose is finding it hard to make an impact in the singles division of the WWE. The company never had proper plans to push her, accordingly. She was moved to the RAW brand following SummerSlam 2020 which was thought to be a significant move but there was no such follow-up to make it fruitful. She didn’t even consistently feature on TV.

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Storyline-wise, Mandy Rose has started teaming up with Dana Brooke which is another random tag team on the Raw roster. The two haven’t really done anything meaningful since teaming up. On the other hand, Sonya Deville surprised everyone by returning in early 2021 where she was put in an authority’s role with WWE Producer Adam Pearce.

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Sonya Deville has a special spot for Mandy Rose

While talking to WWE The Bump on YouTube, Deville was asked how she is feeling about Mandy Rose finding a new tag team partner while she was away from TV. She doesn’t have anything harsh to offer to The Golden Goddess of the WWE and her partner. But then she noted how Dana Brooke can never replace Deville for her former Fire n Desire team member.

“Mandy always holds a special spot in my heart. I think she is incredible,” she replied. “I think that she is strong, talented and beautiful. I think she is a triple threat.”

“Dana Brooke as her tag team partner? It’s not Sonya Deville, c’mon. But they have a little vibe going on. They both are very fit and are very strong; both of them are beautiful. I like it. They don’t have the dichotomy that me and Mandy have. But they’re doing their thing.”

Sonya Deville Speaks On Mandy Rose’s Current Position On WWE Raw 2

Given WWE’s history, it’s very possible that WWE eventually brings back the Fire & Desire team. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are real-life best friends who live and travel together. During the stalker incident, the two were at Deville’s house in Florida ruining the kayfabe rivalry. This must be the reason why the two of them used social media to bury the hatchet in the past.


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