Soccer Pros Ali Krieger & Ashlyn Harris Adopt a Daughter


Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris are definitely getting a kick out of the newest member of their family.

The soccer stars, who tied the knot in December 2019, both took to Instagram on Sunday, Feb. 14 to post photos of themselves with their first child, newborn daughter Sloane Phillips. They also shared a message to the birth mother of the baby girl who arrived on Feb. 12.

“Dear Birth Mom,” they captioned the joint Valentine’s Day post, “Our promise to you: We promise Sloane will be loved every single day by us, our friends and our family. We promise to give her the tools to live a happy, successful life of inclusivity and support.”

The couple shared their excitement for guiding their little one through all of life’s twists and turns, including their plan to explain the adoption process.

“We promise to share her adoption story with her from the very beginning and celebrate every milestone!” they wrote in the post. “We promise to encourage her to follow her dreams no matter how big or small. We promise to be open minded and respect your wishes to have future communication and that she will always know how much you love her!”


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