SEMO holds first football practice of 2021

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (WSIL) — Southeast Missouri Head Football Coach Tom “Tuke” Matukewicz islosing sleep over football.

The cure? First day of practice. The 2021 spring season is under way for SEMO. Redhawks met for about an hour Monday.

“Hey got up earlier than I was planning on,” Matukewicz said. “Couldn’t sleep. Kept looking at my watch and decided to get and that’s a good sign that practice is on my mind. It’s just a different feeling, In the fall, just hard to get excited because you never knew where as now it’s hey we are getting this in we are going to have a season and we are going to be able to defend our title.”

Coach Tuke said Monday felt like fall camp. Energy was high and guys were excited to be out there. They had on helmets, threw out balls and went at it. Players have been away so Coach Tuke said he didn’t want to go too hard on his guys.

“It’s kind of like when you get a present for Christmas and break it right away. I have to make sure I don’t break my players, it’s not a switch You ca’t go from off to all the way to on. Have to dial it in. Have to work at a pace that we are are getting better but at a pace to keep them healthy and make sure they are in the kind of shape to win the OVC.”

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