Seahawks’ next OC should be the guy coaching up Patrick Mahomes

The Seattle Seahawks need to look at Mike Kafka to be their next offensive coordinator.

When the Seattle Seahawks brass watches Patrick Mahomes carve up the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship game on Sunday, they need to realize Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator Mike Kafka needs to be their next offensive coordinator.

A lot of attention has been on Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for head-coaching positions, and rightfully so, but now is the time for us to really give Kafka his due as an on-the-rise coordinator. The former Northwestern star and NFL signal-caller is exactly what the Seahawks need to let Russell Wilson cook and get back to playing some championship-caliber football.

Landing Mike Kafka could help the Seahawks get back to the Super Bowl

As much as Bieniemy has been a huge part of Mahomes’ development, the NFL is a passing-centric league. Andy Reid might still call the plays in Kansas City, but why would you not want to hire the best player in football’s position coach to help you get the most out of your best player? Yes, that is Wilson and not Bobby Wagner or whoever you want to believe it is, Pete Carroll.

If Seattle ever wants to get back to the Super Bowl, they will need an offensive mind that will get the absolute most out of Wilson. With a Northwestern degree and a connection to Reid, Kafka certainly fits the bill. While Carroll may want to play some variation of Marty Ball, he did just fire the namesake’s son from the position he is trying to fill. There is too much upside here to overlook.

Should Seattle pry Kafka out of Kansas City, he could be the key piece to winning the NFC again.

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