Schroeder one step closer to MMA goal

Brett “The Hitman” Schroeder (Photo courtesy Clements Creative Images)

Brett “The Hitman” Schroeder will take a significant step Saturday toward his goal of becoming a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. 

Having fought his previous two fights under novice rules – each a quick first round win –Schroeder moves up to advanced this weekend, a division which lets fighters ditch their shin guards and allows “ground and pound,” meaning fighters can deliver blows while their opponent is pinned to the mat.

Schroeder, 19, said his ultimate goal is to “become the most dominant and ruthless UFC champion there has ever been.” 

A 2020 Demopolis High School graduate and current Shelton State student, Schroeder’s first step toward his goal would be capturing the Southeastern 145-pound amateur championship title, which could come into focus following a few more victories at his current level of competition. 

Upon attaining that title Schroeder will need to successfully defend it in preparation for a professional debut. At that point his resume likely would include some dominant and exciting work in the cage, hopefully enough to garner the attention of UFC scouts.

1-18-21 — Demopolis, Ala. — Brett “The Hitman” Schroeder (left) gets in some fight week reps with Daniel Alexander (right).

Neither of Schroeder’s previous opponents made through the first minute of competition, each a Technical Knock Out win for the Ross Martial Arts taekwondo and Brazilian jiu jitsu prodigy. Though those first two fights were over quickly, Schroeder says he is always preparing for the long haul. 

“For both my first fights, I was preparing to go to war all three rounds,” he said. “I just was able to spot my opponents weaknesses early on and capitalize on that.” And, while he doesn’t expect every fight to end in the first round, he always fights to finish.

Schroeder’s opponent Saturday is similar to his first official matchup from July 2018. Both were champion wrestlers and come from notable gyms. Schroeder’s biggest challenge in his upcoming match is that his opponent has more time in the cage, having gone into the third round in the majority of those fights.

Regardless of how long the fight Saturday lasts, Schroeder will bask in the spotlights and embrace all the steps on a path that he hopes leads to the UFC.

“I’d say fighting is in my blood. I am a fifth-generation martial artist. I enjoy challenges and, honestly, I love doing grappling tournaments and kickboxing competitions. I even enjoyed point sparring as a kid in tournaments,” he said. “However, MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and that is the ultimate form of fighting. It requires striking and grappling precision and allows you to literally develop your own individual style of fighting, and test that style against others in a full contact environment.”

Schroeder’s match will be held in Trussville Jan. 23. Tickets can be purchased via the Strike Hard Productions website by clicking HERE. Be sure to include “Brett Schroeder” in the “Notes to Seller” box. The match can also be viewed via Pay-Per-View by clicking THIS LINK.

1-18-21 — Demopolis, Ala. — Brett “The Hitman” Schroeder (left) gets in some fight week reps with Daniel Alexander (right).

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