Rudy Giuliani just keeps getting grosser

Stupid fucking toad-man Rush Limbaugh sits shotgun as stupid fucking toad-man Rudolph Giuliani gawks at Michelle Wie in 2014..

Stupid fucking toad-man Rush Limbaugh sits shotgun as stupid fucking toad-man Rudolph Giuliani gawks at Michelle Wie in 2014..
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Rudy Giuliani, fuck you.

In case you thought “America’s Mayor” was gone from your life, he’s not, and he might somehow be even more disgusting than you previously thought. During a guest spot on fellow asshole Steve Bannon’s Real America’s Voice, Giuliani — with all the entitlement and perversion of a man who has never been accountable for anything — disgustingly recounted his objectification of professional golfer Michelle Wie West.

“Do you have time for a funny story?” Giuliani starts. Bannon gave him the floor for about one minute, as Giuliani began to tell the story of a round of golf with Rush Limbaugh.

One day, we’re driving and the paparazzi is driving us crazy. They’re taking pictures, they’re taking pictures (repeat this line about seven thousand times), and he said, “Giuliani, what did you do now, they’re following you around! You know how I hate pictures. I know you’re famous, but damn, can’t you tell them to stay away?” And I say, “Come up to the green with me.” So on the green is Michelle Wie, getting ready to put. Now, Michelle Wie is gorgeous — she’s six feet — and she has a strange putting stance. She bends all the way over, and her panties show. And the press was going crazy. They were all around because they were trying to take pictures of her panties. I said “[Rush], it’s not you, it’s not me, it’s her panties.

Through the uncomfortable silence of Bannon and his other guest, former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (who has his own history of sexual misconduct), Giuliani quipped “Is that okay to tell that joke?”

“We already told it, so I don’t know,” Bannon responded.

Wie West responded on Twitter in a post full of completely justified outrage.

Why on earth some men feel that it is within their rights and within their control to subject women to objectification is entirely beyond me. I would say that “Giuliani should be ashamed of his behavior,” but Giuliani has never felt shame or disgrace a day in his life, no matter how obtuse he has been.

The battle for women in all sectors, let alone in professional sports, to earn their worth and their respect from the opposing gender continues to be a difficult climb. No matter their accomplishments, their demeanor, their attitudes, or the way they dress, women are still demeaned to nothing more than the way they look. We have a long way to go as a society, and it’s a fight that we, as men, must continue, by meeting every instance of behavior such as this with condemnation and outrage.

So, again, Rudy Giuliani, fuck you.

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