Renee Young Wanted To Bring Back Old School WWE Show


Renee Young is no more with the WWE that gives her a lot of opportunities to try here and there as she has no more obligations with the company. Some of those works had to in a halt, though as she’s pregnant with her first baby with husband Jon Moxley fka Dean Ambrose. But she’s appearing on a number of talk-shows as of late to reveal her personal wishes.

During a recent interview on Casual Conversations, Renee Young revealed that she once pitched the idea of bringing back the famous 80s weekly TV show “WWF Tuesday Night Titans” (in short it’s TNT that doesn’t have any connection with Ted Turner’s TV channel TNT) during her time in the WWE. Obviously, that idea wasn’t granted as they have lot more options for her.

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Here’s what Renee Young had to say about the issue,

“One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was bring back Tuesday Night Titans. I wanted to host it and I wanted Mean Gene to be my sidekick, that’s what I really, really wanted.

We never shot a pilot or anything, it never really got any legs at all. Something like that I would have loved.

I pitched a couple different food show ideas of things that I wanted to like some cooking alongside some wrestlers.

Trying to get a podcast kind of up and running which I mean the pitches for those never really went too far anyways but, just like ‘Unfiltered’ trying to expand that show, make it into something else.

Interview shows are something that I love to do, being able to just chat with people and just hang out.

Tuesday Night Titans was something I really wanted to do though.”

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The original show of Tuesday Night Titans ran from May 29, 1984, until September 24, 1986, which was hosted by Vince McMahon, Lord Alfred Hayes, and Mean Gene Okerlund. Renee Young obviously offered to do the new version of the show with Mean Gene, who was still alive at that time. Gene then passed away in 2019. Most of the original episodes of the WWF TNT show can be watched on the WWE Network.

Renee Young Wanted To Bring Back Old School WWE Show 2

Renee Young was back during Rumble weekend

Renee Young was back on WWE TV for a one-off occasion through the special episode that aired during the Royal Rumble 2021 Weekend on Saturday, January 30 at 8 pm ET on FS1. Apart from her who’s now going by the name of Renee Paquette, the show was also hosted by Paige and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

WWE Backstage originally aired from November 2019 through mid-March of 2020 after the channel nixed production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. FOX Sports then officially announced in June that the show will no longer be airing.

Renee Young was having a second contract with the WWE for hosting this Backstage gig which was violated after FOX pulled off the show. Afterward, she wasn’t willing to be back on a commentator or backstage hosting role for the WWE. This appeared to be a big reason why the popular journalist opted to leave the WWE in the summer.


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