Reinventing Our National Game: Khelo India Winter Games

Reinventing Our National Game: Khelo India Winter Games

Hockey, our national game has been lost in the noise, created from the need for fame, money, and entertainment. The losing popularity of hockey can be attributed to the lacking infrastructure and dying craze for the sport in our country. The fight for popularity amongst other sports has dimmed the connection with the fans.  The reigning acceptance of Cricket dismisses the generation of sponsorships and media attention for hockey, leading to lesser interests and revenue. Lack of encouragement for the sport in educational institutions has also contributed to the struggles. With the intent of preserving its losing glory, the Winter Games Association of J&K and sports ministry crafted the Khelo India Winter Games, where the event celebrates Ice Hockey in the freezing and stunning barrenness.

Promoting the sport through event

India witnessed two successful Khelo India Winter Games in Ladakh and J&K. Both the events were funded by the sports ministry with the aim of channeling the youth’s energy towards a significant direction. Our Prime Minister of India characterized the Khelo India Games as a ‘movement’ in spite of referring to it as just an event. The movement encourages sports like ice hockey, snow mountaineering, snow rugby, and many more. The Khelo India Winter games celebrate the soul of these sports with the aim of reflecting their uniqueness on the national and global map. The event also extends its aim towards developing J&K as the main center of winter sports. The event not only encourages the youth of India to engage in these ‘less popularized but innovative’ sports but also aims at ensuring an evident presence amongst the internationally organized winter games. The sports organized in J&K, Gulmarg showcased a step towards progress and peace.

The outcome of the event 

The success of the first edition of the Khelo India Winter Games congregated more participants in the second edition, reflecting the accomplishment of the sole purpose. The media attention, increasing participation rates, and public curiosity indicate the growing inclination towards the included sports. Participants showcasing their talent in the event play with pride and with the desire of contributing to the self-sufficient country.

Online Gambling as a promotional strategy 

The event also encourages the youth of India to engage in outdoor sports rather than consuming themselves in the virtual world. Although that being indicated, with the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, saving the sport will require multiple ends irrespective of the success of the Khelo India Winter Games. To maintain the momentum and buzz amongst spectators about hockey, online betting on the game can be encouraged. The growth in the online gaming sites and enthusiastic gambling players can be the answer to ensuring curiosity of the sport. Encouragement of participating in the sports, as a player or through betting can acquire the long-lost and well-deserved fame for our national game. A field hockey betting guide is available on all well-reviewed online gaming sites, which assists your interests and chances in wagering for hockey matches. The guide presents detailed attention to researches on picks, betting odds, and information about betting offers.

Field hockey betting can become a profound means for enjoying the sport. The popularity in the field of online wagering for games and sports can be extended towards hockey. Field hockey betting can institute the ‘entertainment factor’ missing from the sport, hockey, thereby attracting enormous attention of the spectators. Through the field hockey betting guide, the spectators can learn extensively about the game, which will contribute to their betting and in promoting the crux of the sport. Moreover, the benefits gained from online betting on any match will ensure the promotion of hockey in the world without disregarding the pandemic rules and requirements.

Wrap Up 

The discussion about the reinvention of the sport, hockey indicated traditional and contemporary efforts involving support from the government in crafting successful sports events as well as it also emphasized the significance of encouraging online betting not only for the popular sports Cricket. Online betting on hockey can ensure long-term attention and understanding amongst the spectators with the benefit of reaching out to the global population.

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