Ranking every quarterback Tom Brady has faced in 10 Super Bowl appearances

Is this the Super Bowl quarterback matchup to end all Super Bowl quarterback matchups?

On one side is the GOAT, Tom Brady, who is set to play in his 10th Super Bowl and first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after winning six championships with the New England Patriots.

On the other side is the phenom, Patrick Mahomes, who won NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards before his 25th birthday and would be on track for GOAT status if Brady didn’t set such a ridiculously high bar.

To put this clash of Super Bowl LV QBs in perspective, we went back and ranked every quarterback Brady has faced in the big game, from “worst” to best. We judged them mostly by what they accomplished that season rather than their entire body of work – so we won’t hold Donovan McNabb’s sad final seasons after Philly against him.

Click for a ranking of every QB Tom Brady has faced in 10 Super Bowl appearances.

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