Quiz: Name Every Vince McMahon WWE Pay-Per-View Opponent


On this day in 2007, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

Yeah, that was a thing.

Sorry if you forgot and we just reminded you. 

‘The Genetic Jackhammer’ may not have faced quite as many names as one ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin did on WWE Pay-Per-View (and hey, while we mention it, why not check out our Austin quiz here), but McMahon has had the honour of going up against some of WWE’s biggest ever names on their grandest shows.

Vince’s in-ring PPV debut came at the 1999 Royal Rumble and his most recent outing was at WrestleMania 26. But how many of his Pay-Per-View opponents can you recall? 

Try today’s quiz and see for yourself. There are 23 names to get (see, not many at all) and five minutes to name all of them. Let us know how you get on via social media! 


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