Priests play cricket| Pandits wearing dhoti and mundu play cricket the Sanskrit way in Bhopal – See Pictures

Pandits played cricket wearing dhotis and mundus in Bhopal.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspANI

Bhopal: In a unique cricket match played in Madhya Pradesh, players wore dhoti and mundu. The match was played in Ankur Stadium in Bhopal on Saturday by pandits. 

The Maharishi Cup Cricket Tournament was organised to commemorate the 104th birth anniversary of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

All the players in the match were either pujaris or Sanskrit students. They wore dhotis and mundus under T-shirts. The orange and white T-shirts differentiated the teams. The players had put a tilak on their foreheads. The umpire wore a dhoti-kurta and a shawl over his shoulder. 

vedic cricket

However, it was not just the whites of the players that have caught the attention of people. The commentary of the match was done in Sanskrit.

Organisers said that the biggest task was to translate cricket terms into Sanskrit. “We did a thorough job and the result is for everyone to hear,” commentator Seetaram Tiwari, who is a Sanskrit teacher, told TOI.

vedic cricket

Abhishek Dubey, an organising committee member, said, “Sanskrit is the mother of several languages. We wanted to give a message that it is beyond the boundaries of time and even modern games, like cricket, can be played with it.”

Few players who had never held a cricket bat in their lives hit sixes and fours.

vedic cricket
(Image: ANI)

“I heard Sanskrit near Ankur ground and was surprised to see players and umpires in dhoti. It felt really nice,” said Aniruddh Gangrade, a commuter who stopped by to watch the match.

Photos of the match have gone viral on social media. One user said, “A great idea to PRESERVE Sanskrit.”

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