PM: Be motivated by love

Prime Minister Dr Rowley. File photo by David Reid

THE Prime Minister has said that even in the face of current “difficult situations,” love can motivate the nation so that it can persevere.

In his Good Friday message to the nation, Dr Rowley said Christ’s messages brought “a new consciousness” to the world through each of his messages.

“He cited living examples on how we, humans, should live in a divine union with God, and, significantly, how we should show respect for each other if we are to continue to survive on this planet,” he said.

“In his lessons, he urged that every day, each one of us, should have a genuine divine communication with God. And when we commune with God, our lives will be transformed, experiencing the radiance of the spirit, as we recognise that the kingdom of God awaits us.”

He said Christ gave hope to the poor, the vulnerable and the lowly, despite being blasphemed for “carrying this comforting message.”

All events leading up to Christ’s crucifixion, he said, “speaks volumes” to his character.“There are many lessons to be learnt from the life of Christ: lessons of love, perseverance, faith and hope.

“Let us today transform our love of self, our love of family, and country and be motivated just like Christ and persevere in the face of our current difficult situations. Let us determine that whatever challenges we confront they will not deter us, as citizens, from seeking a divine union with God and our obligations to our nation.”He said the covid19 pandemic has led to “economic shocks” across the world and that its effects have been felt at all levels. He also said the death toll owing to the virus – 145 – is saddening.

“This meant, for instance, a reduction in Government and private sector revenue, and on the other hand a forcible increase in billions of dollars in unplanned expenditure to ease the pain of the vulnerable, through Government-led social programmes.” But he added, “When Christ faced the many challenges, in spite of his public humiliation, the pain and torture He faced, He persevered to his end, knowing that victory was in spreading his message, which is alive across the world today.”

He called on the public to recognise that many people have lost their way and need guidance in finding a returning path to a spiritual life.

“Let us, on this Good Friday, as Christ called upon us, be our brothers’ keeper. Let us resolve to help our brothers and sisters find the path, which Christ set out for us all.”

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