Peter Langella: Indoor and inter-school sports – a misguided pandemic pursuit

This commentary is written by Peter Langella of Moretown, a high school and college teacher, and a former minor and college professional ice hockey player and ice hockey coach.

At a recent twice-weekly Scott administration press conference, state epidemiologist Dr Patsy Kelso admitted that transmission of the virus had occurred during high school practices even when ” athletes were following the required precautions ”, despite assurances from other officials that this was not the case. Case.

At those same press conferences, the state’s health commissioner, Dr. Mark Levine, often speaks about the needs and wants of the pandemic. Going to the grocery store is a necessity; eating out is a desire. Entering homes to take care of loved ones and isolated and vulnerable neighbors is a need; getting together with friends to watch a middle aged man throw a ball on TV is a craving.

Make no mistake, indoor and inter-school sports for our high school athletes is a desire, not a need. It is wrong that games started when so many still sacrifice so much to keep our communities safe, and when our state is still so far from herd immunity thanks to vaccinations (my wife is a agent primary health care …

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