Paul McNamee marvels at footage of young tennis player’s ‘lethal’ all-forehand style

A leading Australian tennis coach has lauded a young prospect for taking on the challenge of “the next development in tennis” – playing with two ‘Rafael Nadal forehands’.

Footage, which you can watch in the video above, hit social media after a keen fan spotted young Teodor Davidov at a junior tournament in the US over the weekend.

Davidov, playing in the under-12 division, never plays a backhand and switches hands as required so he can always hit a forehand.

The attacking technique is not without precedent, as noted by experienced tennis journalist Christopher Clarey.

Back in 2003 he reported on Russia’s Evgenia Kulikovskaya, who reached world No.91 in the world and played in six grand slams.

Kulikovskaya’s biggest scalp was a win over then world No.20 Iva Majoli in 1998, while she was ranked 227th in the world when she upset world No.65 Bianka Lamade at the 2001 US Open.

But the all-forehand style hasn’t been seen at the top level since – and Australian coach Paul McNamee believes it’s just a matter of time before it returns with a bang.

Rafael Nadal boasts the most famous left-hand forehand in tennis history. Credit: Getty

“To have two forehands and to hit them both this well is amazing,” tennis media identity Blair Henley wrote.

“To be a true switch hitter on the *serve* is next level. He’s in the (under) 12s?!”

McNamee said: “I’ve always felt that is the next development in tennis… having two ‘King’ (Nadal) forehands…. just imagine facing Rafa’s forehand on both sides … too good.”

The right-handed Nadal has famously become the greatest left-handed player in tennis history after his uncle and coach Toni forced the switch on him as a youngster.

Nadal’s ability to hit forehands with incredible power, accuracy and top spin has proved one of his greatest strengths on his way to winning 20 grand slam titles.

The unorthodox Hsieh Su-Wei has earned several upset victories in recent years.
The unorthodox Hsieh Su-Wei has earned several upset victories in recent years. Credit: Getty

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